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20 hours ago, C-MASS GeoFest said:

Carmen Sandiego in Brimfield,MA


Active since 4/2012

Trackable Geocoin available for purchase.



I'm not sure this is one we would add to the list, since there's currently nothing on the cache page about a geocoin. I'm not seeing how a cacher would know that one is available or how to go about obtaining it.


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Though not listed or advertised as a Geotrail, there is a new trail that consists of seven caches within Western Maryland and Confluence, PA around the Youghiogheny Lake. The series was started by govannicole, who I think works for the Army Corp of Engineers as a Ranger around the lake. Look up “Yough Lake Geocache” as part of the title filter. There are seven codes to collect. The prize is water safety freebies as a promotion for the lake. The scenery is magnificent in the area and it can be done in a day.

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Please update the files for Spartanburg County in South Carolina:


This notification officially brings an end to the "Geocaching The Pacolet" Geocoin trail.

Thank you VERY much for letting us share this area, and for visiting the town of Pacolet. 
This was a product of a partnership between the USCGA and the support of a very personable Mayor Elaine Harris, for without whom none of this would have been possible. Sadly, she passed away, but not before she saw this project bloom. For those of you who received her personal notes and letters, we are sure that you will agree that she loved what geocaching and  geocachers brought to the community.

Some caches are destined to be archived, but most of these will remain as stand-alone geocaches for others to continue to find.

Geocoins are no longer available at the Pacolet Town Hall, nor the Pacolet branch of the library. For those of you who may still be working on the trail, please contact us at the GeoPacole profile page, as we have very, very few geocoins left.


Thanks again for everyone who has visited our little corner of the world!

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On 11/7/2019 at 8:52 PM, Max and 99 said:

I'm not seeing the Fargo Moorhead Tour on the list/map.

I see the Fargo Moorhead tour now. I don't see the Visit Mesa Autism Geotour on the map.


Just curious about something: AZ shows a Find your Park geotour, but on the GC map it's shown in Missouri. I'm sure there's a reason for it, but I just wanted to point it out.

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4 hours ago, Rock Chalk said:

If your interest is strictly in GeoTours, then the GeoTours page will always be the most current: https://www.geocaching.com/play/geotours


There are Find Your Park GT caches across the country, so there's no true single "location" for that GeoTour. I picked Arizona for the location on this map, not knowing the GeoTours team picked Missouri for their map.

AZ does have one of the most popular national parks so that makes sense! 

I love Geotrails just as much as Geotours! Seeing them all together on a map is fantastic. This map is exactly what I want to see. 

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Two new geotours with rewards in Texas, both launched in June 2021:

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the allegheny geo trail is still and active trail. It started in 2014 and the website link is broken. I called the counties and they still have all 11 reward coins. I am hoping to do that trail in end of march/ April. Any one else interested in doing the trail?  I'm not sure if I can post phone numbers here on the forms. The Allegheny trail is 10 counties with 6 caches in each county with a bonus coin for getting all ten coins. 




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