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  1. Though a few years late, I can shed some light here. My wife and I ran into two of the CO's of the delaware trail while completing CAM last year. When I mentioned I wasn't able to get to the Delaware Trail before it disappeared, they said it was because the response for the coins dropped dramatically after 2016, so they discontinued the Trail. I didn't ask if that meant coins were technically still available.
  2. Though not listed or advertised as a Geotrail, there is a new trail that consists of seven caches within Western Maryland and Confluence, PA around the Youghiogheny Lake. The series was started by govannicole, who I think works for the Army Corp of Engineers as a Ranger around the lake. Look up “Yough Lake Geocache” as part of the title filter. There are seven codes to collect. The prize is water safety freebies as a promotion for the lake. The scenery is magnificent in the area and it can be done in a day.
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