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photo competition April 2014 - Home grown.

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Firstly thank you to Yorkshire yellow for choosing my photo from march's competition.


I've not created a thread like this before so hope its OK, please let me know if not and will edit. So for this month I have picked home grown.


We've yet to travel far in our geocaching adventures, and are really enjoying exploring our local area. If we where to drop by and had time for just one cache where would you send us?

rules are:


1) The photo must be cache related and to do with a specific cache (any type including events), caching series or caching trip - please include a link to the cache orthe GC code so we can see where the picture relates to.

2) In your post, please explain the milestone the picture relates to and its significance for you.


3) Maximum of two photos per caching team or cacher


4) The winner each month is decided by the winner from the previous month - the new winner starting the thread for the subsequent month. They may set a theme if they wish.


5) Given the theme, the photo can be taken at any point through your caching history.


That's it - now it's over to you.

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Castillo De Aracena was my 1100th cache almost exactly 10years after starting going caching.


I found it in company with my sister in lam Anne (with whom I found my 600th) after an excellent lunch of tapas, rioja and Cardinal Mendoza!


I'll be back in Aracena in just 7 short weeks - magic!

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This was my thousandth cache (GC1BHY8):




I stopped caching for the best part of a month beforehand specifically to have this one for #1k, and was absolutely amazed to get cache, climbing partner and decent weather all lined up on the same day. We also managed to (just) finish the route in daylight and without even the merest smidge of an epic, which for anything on Lliwedd is something of an achievment imho. ::o)

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If you came to France and only had time to do one cache I would recommend this one: Collonges-la-rouge (GC15CT7)


It's not only a great cache to do but it is situated in the prettiest village we have seen in our ten years in France.


Maybe the red stone reminds me of home but this blue sky we only see in France.




Link: http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC15CT7_collonges-la-rouge

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2) In your post, please explain the milestone the picture relates to and its significance for you.


That's the clause I took......


Sorry I missed that, I copy and pasted the rules but didn't think to check it didn't contain details from the last competition.

You can edit your original post to clarify, and take out the misleading line. :-)

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This one is just round the corner from me and on of my Fav places of all time. Short wonder around does not take long stunning things hidden inside.


Below Above - The Ugly Duckling - GC4JEJW




My daughter has picked this photo as the one as the place she'd most like to visit

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