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  1. Interesting. You managed to find the cache page just with an un-named image? Well, I left it with the kids and this morning one of them had the coords. Turns out it was easier than it looked.
  2. I don't want you to solve the puzzle for me which is why I don't post the cache number. I'm simply looking for ideas on what kind of puzzle this might be so that I can get started on solving it myself. For heaven's sake ..... some people just want to nit-pick
  3. Thanks for the reply but I don't think it is that simple. Some of the squares for example are marked 9, which would be impossible to have 9 adjoining IYSWII
  4. Can anyone get me started on this one? I've been looking at it all day and nothing rings a bell. I'm sure it's just an easy grid to fill but where to start???
  5. Has nobody even mentioned that old corker: See spoiler photo ? Great when you are out in the sticks with no data connection! We get it a lot in France. Maybe everywhere else is more civilized?
  6. Is there any way to disable the email notification of when my TBs are logged? I really don't want to know a hundred times when somebody takes my bug to a Giga/ Mega event. In fact I'd be quite happy to look on the TB page to see where it has been and never get another notification. Hoping there is a way???
  7. Perfect! Top answer it works fine that way. Thank you for the quick reply
  8. Has anybody noticed when trying to download a cartridge on iphone5s the drop down wheel that let's you select pocket PC as the platform is not clickable making it impossible to download cartridges from the Wherigo site? Is there a workaround for this? It must have worked ok on iphone4 as I had several cartridges on mine which worked very well. I was hoping to go out and give the iPhone5 a workout today but this has me stuck.
  9. No, nothing like Waymarking. It would just be an impediment to the Waymarkers out there. They would have to be sent to a sister site for example "wherigos'were'us" or some such but do still keep them open to cachers with "smart" devices please
  10. I'm starting to think they should. The build platform is no longer supported by Groundspeak (hasn't been for years as far as I can tell) and they do not allow us to link to the other more useful builders which independent parties have put considerable time and effort into. E.g. I created our very first Wherigo cache recently and was told that it couldn't be published until I removed all mention of third party builders (Wherigo\\kit) and links to apps in the app store and google play which allow you to actually find these cache types. Apparently this is in the interests of Groundspeak who want to "keep" their hold on the market product (which is not supported) We love finding Wherigo caches but it is only possible with a specific make of GPS or a smartphone so the apps are indispensable for us poorer folk. Creating them is even more specialist than finding them so let's get them grandfathered and enjoy picking out the last few just like we do with virtuals! Input?
  11. Did I miss it or are we not bothering this year? We will be at the World's first Giga event in Germany on 17th August. Will we get a souvi for logging a find on the 16th? Nothing is mentioned in the help centre ... http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=342
  12. This is the Scoutbus. Chugging us around France and beyond ... TB48F72
  13. Points duly noted but I was meaning quite the opposite. An overnight stop for small motorhomes is not at all suitable for trucks. It is a different situation entirely therefore the current attribute is not appropriate. I know we won't get a new attribute for this as it's a *Europe* thing but no harm in asking. We don't have huge truck-sized RVs here just happy little campervans for weekends away
  14. I realise that there are already attributes available for Trucker/RV friendly and Camping available but neither of these fit the bill for Motorhomes in Europe. The Trucker/RV icon suggest a large parking area suitable for HGVs (Juggernauts). The camping available icon quite rightly suggests a campsite nearby. What I propose is a new icon to indicate where a motorhome stopover is available. In Europe they are in most towns and large villages. Here in France there are over 1000. We have started to hide caches nearby these sites so that fellow campervan users can find a place to park for the night with facilities to drain and replenish their tanks and hook-up and recharge the leisure batteries. At present it is possible to find these sites by downloading our bookmark list (HERE) but obviousely this only covers the caches we've hidden. If there were an attribute available it would be much easier for others to list and search such sites. Not having been to the US I don't know if places like this are available over there. (I certainly hope so) I'm talking one-night stopovers, not RV parks. I propose the following icon (or similar): Reduced to 30pxs: which I have based on the standard sign panel here in France: Is this a possibility? Any thoughts?
  15. Sie können kaufen Premium membership über die offizielle iPhone-App für €26,99. Ich habe es letzte Woche. Sorry für mein schlechtes Deutsch.
  16. If you came to France and only had time to do one cache I would recommend this one: Collonges-la-rouge (GC15CT7) It's not only a great cache to do but it is situated in the prettiest village we have seen in our ten years in France. Maybe the red stone reminds me of home but this blue sky we only see in France. Link: http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC15CT7_collonges-la-rouge
  17. Every time we approach a big milestone (1000s) I think we will slow down but so far it hasn't happened. This thing is just too addictive. I am into the numbers but not so much for quantity, mainly milestones and stats. We hosted an event for our 100th & 200th hide so that will probably be a tradition now. Other than that we just like to find something a bit different for our milestones. This year we are working on the calendar days - only 11 to go now. Next year, who knows? Whatever you do it for, just keep on doing it. It's a great way to spend time with your family.
  18. One of our latest creations for Maker Madness this Saturday. Geoscouts Webcam Big brother is watching Heavily inspired by the earlier post in this thread. The box is magnetic and contains logbook and pencil and batteries to light the LED. Currently the LED stays lit but I thought about maybe adding a small circuit to flash out a morse code for further final coordinates.
  19. Yes, it does. We have a Magellan GC and it shows up as a regular folder in windows. I think the OPs problem might be that ipad does not have a USB port to connect it to. One of the reasons I have held off buying an ipad.
  20. I don't see how premium membership would help if you are going to be abroad with no data plan. The official app is sufficient for downloading the data before you leave.
  21. Yes. We live in France (so french phone network) but we go caching in Spain where the charges would be a bit pricey. Save all the caches that you think you might do to lists. Then turn off cellular data and use local wifi to download the maps to the iphone for the area. Most hotels / campsites have wifi in Spain so I'm sure Portugal will too. Don't put the iphone in airplane mode or the GPS won't work.
  22. Are you trying to send individual caches from the website? If so I would rather look them up on the iphone using the search facility then save them to an offline list. You can save whole areas of caches at a time in this way.
  23. As far as I am aware there is nothing to stop three totally separate events in the same county on the same day by three different Geocachers. I know that event *stacking* is not allowed but what is to stop me hosting my CITO in the same county (department) as this year's Mega in France? I haven't seen the new event guidelines BTW. Where are they posted? Well done on your "8" by the way!
  24. What Chief301 said. Be careful. The in-app purchase is for premium membership to the site. In answer to the original question: The app! No contest. We've had both. We were premium members for three years (until Groundspeak started discriminating against Europeans) but since returning to *Basic* I have found no real loss. Not many PMO caches in our area and the cheap maps are not so bad now. The full app on the other hand is very useful for finding new caches in new areas. Best 10 euros I spent since getting my iphone!
  25. Been looking at the caches around this year's Mega and it appears it wouldn't be too hard to find seven cache types in a day (at least for those that haven't cached here already). There are a few virtuals not far off and the three obvious types making four. Then there is an Earthcache and a Letterbox a bit further afield (in opposite directions) making six. Add to this the Mega itself for seven. We already did seven in Spain. So now I'm wondering if there will be a Wherigo published nearby for the event? This would give some people the opportunity to go for 8 in a day As far as I can see the closest webcam is in Edinburgh (where there are already three Wherigos) so for the adventurous cacher willing to endure the four hour round trip you could get NINE! What's your record?
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