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Firefox Bug

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I think a new update was done (in the last few days) to GC.com, and now on the Firefox browser when I open a cache page to view it's details it immediately opens halfway down the page. Most of the time this is about where the logs start, but on older more frequented caches, this is in amongst the logs.

It isn't happening when using IE, as I use this at work and all is fine. Someone else has varified (via Facebook group and I only know them via the group) it's not just my Firefox browser, as the same is happening to them also.


Any idea's?

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I am seeing the same issue on Win 7 both with Firefox 26.0 and Chrome 31.0.1650.63, but not IE. A little experimentation shows that for me it's the Geocaching Map Enhancements script causing it, so if you're using that I suggest disabling it and trying again and take it from there....


Yup. GME is causing this behaviour. I'm working on an update to the script that will fix this and another bug caused by the website update.

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