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  1. I'm having the same issue as MartyBartfast .... OS Maps are no longer viewing correctly. The tiles don't load up properly, and as you zoom down they are reverting to a different map type. It started last night for me at around 10pm UK time.
  2. Just wondered if anyone else has tried to print of the map of their TB's travels. I was looking at mounting a TB that has finally returned home, framing it with a map of its journey and a few of the photo's it collected on its travel. Struggling to work out how I can enlarge the map and print it, if it's possible.
  3. Looking towards Foule Crag and Sharp Edge from Bannerdale Crags Life - the walkers at the bottom Nature - Snowy mountains
  4. A magnetic Nano on the back of a roadsign is a 'Micro'. A holed drilled in the top of a Pine cone, and the same magentic Nano placed into the hole, then hung on a tree is an 'Other'. Same container, different context. That's how I start my searching.
  5. JimJoolz

    Website Font

    Just wondering if there are plans afoot to marry up the fonts on the normal Prolie pages and the new Advanced Search page as the fonts currently are slightly different. I actually like the new Advanced Search font.
  6. Just noticed that the hillshading is no longer ... well shading the hills. Not sure how long this has been the case. Firefox user, fully up to date. Running 0.7.1 version.
  7. Come on Groundspeak, why no souvenir for caching in Turkey?
  8. I was wondering if this has been requested as an update previously or not. But when you drop a marker on the map and select the radius, it would be nice to be able to add a 'label' with the marker too. I think this may help people plan a series, or like me when solving a series of puzzles so I can work out the best route to do the puzzles. Just luvvvvvvv the GME though as it is. Jim
  9. Sadly I must concur. Firefox 30, Greasemonkey 1.15 and GME 0.7.0 Can't even blame it on Groundspeak this time: the behaviour of one of Geonames' web services has changed that GME was using for the search function. I'll have a fix out shortly... In the meantime, use GME's configuration screen to disable Enhanced Search, and you should be able to use the standard functions as normal. Done and place name searching is working again. Thanks.
  10. The search for place names has stopped working again? Firefox user. Bloody frustrating this is.
  11. I've done the pressing of the shield thing in the address bar (im using Firefox by the way), and it resolves the issue. But if I close that tab down and then reopen the map again, I have to press it again. Is there a way to make it permanent, or will I need to keep doing this.
  12. Thanks for doing this. Not having to redraw the whole route is a god send now. Especially when your plotting out 35 miles of walking in the Lake District. Cheers
  13. JimJoolz

    Firefox Bug

    Thanks for the replies, and yes I'm using Windows 7 with Firefox and GME enabled. But we know where the problem lies now, so thx jri for looking into it.
  14. Yeah same here .... it doesn't go to the area of the last log for the TB but to Seattle, USA. I'm assuming Groundspeak HQ. Any update of this GS?
  15. JimJoolz

    Firefox Bug

    I think a new update was done (in the last few days) to GC.com, and now on the Firefox browser when I open a cache page to view it's details it immediately opens halfway down the page. Most of the time this is about where the logs start, but on older more frequented caches, this is in amongst the logs. It isn't happening when using IE, as I use this at work and all is fine. Someone else has varified (via Facebook group and I only know them via the group) it's not just my Firefox browser, as the same is happening to them also. Any idea's?
  16. Using Firefox and GME maps, like another user I then plot out the walk and save it as a'route*.gpx' file (where route* is a name you give it). Then download the caches to be visited in the walk (save to the same place as the route*.gpx for ease). Then using a program for free, called EasyGPS open the 'route*.gpx file, then each cache.gpx you downloaded. Copy and paste the cache into the route page so the map on the right shows your route (waypoints and pink lines for the route) and the geocaches. Here I delete the route as programmed (the scroll down option for route on the left, click route then right click, click on delete route.)It will remove the pink lines but leave the waypoints and caches displayed. This is so you can then replot the route but include the caches in the route also using the route selector at the top. Then 'save as' the route*.gpx used earlier, only now it contains your caches. Its a good little program once you get used to it. I have used this method to plot routes including caches for lots of walks in the Lakes and Peak districts. It allows you to change the symbols for the waypoints to summits etc. There is no map in the background though, but for free and considering you've plotted it out on the GME map, it works a treat. I dare say there may be a slightly quicker way of doing using GME and EasyGPS, but I have yet to find it and this works for me. Hope this may help. Any help needed, contact me through my profile.
  17. Thanks for the replies. unfortunately I haven't seen him since I posted these, he hasn't turned up at a meeting so I haven't been able to speak with him. I'll let him know though if I see him. Thanks again.
  18. As far as I know he isn't logging of any type, he doesn't get chance. From what I understand it's almost like that he has set up a route of waypoints and it's advancing upon reaching a waypoint. Only he hasn't. It's just geocaches. Like you say I probably need to see it 'in action'.
  19. I recently attended an event, and bumped into a new cacher who had been bought a GPSMAP 62s. Now not being a GPSr user myself I couldn't help him. But what he was finding frustrating was when he walked to a Geocache, following the direction given by the GPS, when he arrived at the GZ, the unit would then advance on to the next nearest Geocache location leaving him without being able to search accurately at the GZ he had just arrived at. So my question is, on arriving at a GZ, how do you stop the GPS from changing to the next Geocache until you are ready, having found (hopefully) the Geocache you arrived for in the first place. I did say to him there is probably instruction in the manual, but lets just say he was an elderly gent and was finding things complicated enough already Thanks in advance.
  20. Excellent stuff,just tried as you said above and it works now. I'd have never have worked that out lol. Really appreciate your efforts. Regards Jim
  21. Thanks for the reply, I'm using Windows XP, and Firefox version 25.0.1
  22. Following my last post, I have checked my setup of Firefox and how/where it is downloading to. I have set it up to ask which folder I want it to go to. I can rename the file, but the 'save as type' box only gives the option of 'All files'. When downloaded, using the download green arrow in the taskbar, when you click the 'go to directory' symbol at the right of the filename, it doesn't take you it. Using explorer to go to the folder in question, the file isn't present even with hidden files viewable. I have had someone else attempt this on their computer (another user of the script on Firefox) and he has the same problem. This seems to have occured since the Firefox update in the last week. Something has changed, but im no computer wizard and can't see what. I would really appreciate some help with this. It's a great geocaching aid, and has helped me plan some excellent walking routes in the Lake District and Peak Districts. It made life so much easier to get the waypoints and caches into my GPSr. Please help me jri, it may just be me, I just don't know. Regards Jim
  23. Im a Firefox user of GME which is absolutely great. I have used it for some time, and have plotted and saved routes using it. But just in the last few days I have noticed now that when I go to save a route I have plotted on the map, when I press GPX and it goes to the Downloads dialogue box, when it saves it just gives it an odd name eg: Odeh78d without a file extension and i cannot open the folder it has supposedly gone to to save it with a .gpx filename.
  24. So im new to Waymarking. I've logged a few finds. So now I want to use those finds in GSAK fo my stats. How do I get those finds into GSAK. I use the My Finds PQ for Geocaches, how do I do it for Waymarking?
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