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Help Garmin Oregon 600

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I would appreciate any assistance, I brought myself an Oregon 600 for Christmas and I'm beginning to wish i'd stuck with the Dakota 20, which is much simpler.

I went geocaching this morning and all was fine until I set the unit to navigate to way point "Carpark" in order to get back to the car. We whwer in the woods and after walking for a whilst Spotted some cars in the distance, I said to my hubby that' s not where our car is parked because the GPS says we are a mile away. Anyway it was where our car was parked because even though we where navigating to car park the compass leading us towards another geocache! I printed out a manual when I got home and sorted the compass problem :)

BUT now when you select geocaches it say no results found, try adjusting search parameters!!

However they are still showing on the map page and when its plugged into the computer they are still there!


Can anyone explain what I have done and help me get them back :blink:

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The Oregon 6xx series allow an unlimited number of geocaches to be loaded. The trick they use is that whilst they let you load them all into the gizmo, they only show them in a search when you are within a certain (unknown to me) distance from them, even though - if you expand the gizmo's map enough- you can see them all on the map. If "home" is a distance away from where you were actually caching, then a search for the nearest geocaches on the unit might not bring up any results.


Load up some more local geocaches, and see if they show up.

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When you navigate to a waypoint, you need to change your map screen to /not/ be a Geocache dashboard. The two geocache dashboards (active and closest) only navigate to geocaches. Touch the dashed line and select one of the other dashboards or 2 or 4 fields and set those fields up.


Filter - it's very easy to set these by mistake as the screen is so sensitive it can happen just by bumping on your belt. I belt some of the sliders are narrowed, or types are toggled wrongly.


The 6x0 is actually a great tool. My only issue is its instability and lockups which have plagued me since day one. Still waiting for that firmware update that will make it better.

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