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I've been honored to review caches in the Middle East for the last 12 years or so, but it's time to hand off the job to someone with local experience. I won't tell you who it is, but he's in training now, will be using the geonick "Xanthe Terra" for reviewing when he's completed his studies and feels ready to handle the awesome responsibility. :P


Until he's ready, I'll continue to publish your cache listings, and continue to enjoy interacting with you all.


~erik~ > > erik88L-R

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Wow, great news but sad too.


Erik, you have been a great supporter of both GC and all of us loony cachers (I blame GC for that!). You excellent advice and the sometimes annoying but need to ask questions have made many of us much better CO's. Its been a pleasure mate and also an honor to have hand carried one of your personal GeoCoins to Bandisour in CY.




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Muggles, geocaching.com and you, Erik, were some of the pillars on which my geocaching experience has been built; unchanging through all those adventurous years. Geocaching in the Middle East will never be the same without your guidance. What amazed me the most throughout those years was the speed at which you managed to turn-around those brand-new hides, half-way around the globe. You must have been sitting behind your monitor night and day! A big thank-you goes your way, and we will have to quickly hide a few more boxes to get the "Published" by erik88l-r at the bottom of the Logged Visit roll a few more times!


Camel Master

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erik (and Crow-T-Robot) - thank you for your great service over the past few years. Was always great to have either of you review a cache/. And I remember at least 2 cases where my approve had popped onto the PC while i was still working on the site. Amazingly speedy :)


Good luck and thank you - trust you guys will remain involved - even though your area is shrinking somewhat.


Welcome to the new reviewer - and trust you will be the asset that the previous reviewers were.

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