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  1. The Middle East has its own wiki that the local reviewers update regarding the local laws that affect Geocaching in the region. Middle East Wiki
  2. Congratulations to TrueGeo on reaching 1000 cache finds.
  3. Congratulations to bestvue on his 1000th find. Well done
  4. This group has grown up and is now www.saudigeocachers.com - log on and find out what all the fuss is about! We are now on Facebook and Twitter - making it easier for you to stay up to date. Hello there, I'm a new geocacher in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and I was just wondering if the Saudi Geocachers site was still up and active, as I've been trying to access it and my browser keeps saying it can't find the server. Thanks! Try https://www.facebook.com/saudigeocachers?fref=ts
  5. I tried moving a geocoin from my inventory to my collection but dont have the option. On the profile page on my coin I have the following options: Move to Inventoty ( Where the coin is at present) / Mark as Missing / Recalulate distance but no " Move to collection" option. My other coins in my collection I can still move as I have the option to move to Inventory but I cant return them to my collection
  6. Sad to see you go Erik, Thanks for the service and dedication to the region and the patience in dealing with us expats from all over the world for so long.
  7. Grant, not with you on this one, as "no one" is untimtely held accountable for maintenance and in the end its the reviewer who will have to take the final say and archive the cache. Promotion of this "Hobby" is one of our aims and we try maintain caches left by others as best we can. We often use the facebook page to ask other cachers to please add a log sheet or check on a cache if they are going that way. We hope that this trend will continue once we leave these shores. Perhaps just leaving them and letting them run there course till they die a natural death, after all with the number of cleaning crews in this country, urban caches dont last for long anyway In the UAE there are relatively few caches and it seems the number of new caches being submitted is declining. So to archive them all before leaving will perhaps will spark others that are left behind to get going and place a few caches, but then at least let the other cachers in the area know that you are leaving, again the facebook page for the country is still the fastest way of spreading news
  8. There is series of caches in forming a loop that runs from the edge of the city into the desert and back again. These caches are in close proximetry to each other and can all be found within 3 hours if you have a 4x4. What we have picked up is a Tourist cacher has been logging each of these caches on a different date in order to qualify for a difficult challenge cache in his home country of 300 days of consecutive caching. Looking at his Matrix and caches he has logged it appears he has been doing this for quite a perios of time. I removed all logs from caches and have some logs sheets where he is logging in the future? I feel he is playing unfair on cachers that realy work hard to achieve mile stone while he does it all from the comfort of his living room. What would you do?
  9. Congratulations to Cincol for his 1000th cache
  10. I keep a box of M12 nuts that I have engraded with slogans like Lost Nut Travel Nut Geocaching Nut Just a Nut When I find a TB that has lost its item. I advize the owner then attach one of these nuts to the dog tag and send the TB on its way
  11. Congratulations to the following UAE Cachers for reaching the following mile-stones TrueGeo for 100 "First To Finds". Rumjack for his 1st FTF (on the 1st January) TorstenOK for reaching 300 finds GrrBears for reaching 300 finds And a Special mention for temporary UAE Cacher from Texas Manofsteel73 who has just reached 11000 caches
  12. An existing reviewer residing in the area would be awesome. Local knowledge and understanding of the way that social norms work in the Gulf is so important here.
  13. I ( Mrs) love watching not only my own racers but thise I have moved and those belonging to my friends. Very excited about the amount of travellers placed this year. Respect to those who are keeping the tally. Thanks to the guys who take their family time to sort out the race and run the web page.
  14. YaY & Nay Coming from a city where a large volume of caches are mine and there are less than 500 in the whole country plus I need to travel 100km for the first cache that I have not yet found. PT are alluring PT have given me the opportunity to push my numbers up and so during this vacation and the previous we tried a bit of the PT and from an outsider but a South African too I have this input. The Breakfast Run series. Yay P&M's 50. Yay The GPS Series. Nay If this series had selected proper pull-off and park places further apart and let the terrain determine the hide and not the distance it would have been a better series. This series would best be done on foot or bicycle as seeing a car stopped on the side of the road every 160 odd meters draws attention. Its not going to take rocket science to work out where a car might next be stopping. Doing a PT that would involve hiking 2-3 days would be an awesome trail to do: Yay
  15. Congrats, keep the numbers coming
  16. Thanks you. Our 1000th Cache was an Earth cache by our good friend Carbon Hunter. We will now strive for our next milestone, one cache at a time. But more important than the numbers are the wonderful people (fellow cachers) that we will meet on the way.
  17. Totally agree with you Peter. The Middle East is a changing cauldron with a multi cultrual divercity that needs local knowledge of tollerances and social norms im an ever changing enviroment. Something that is only evident if you have lived in the region for a period of time and is not evident by viewing a one dimentional map. Having been escourted off bombing ranges by the military and thankfull for my oilfield pass on other occasions I can personally vouch for areas that do not appear on any maps
  18. In total agreement with you Gavin. The Middle East has many areas that differ from the rest of the world as regard to being a restricted area or purely just a no go area. The knowledge of where these areas are is sometimes only by local knowledge as these areas do not show up on any maps. I would opt for a option of creating separate group with its own unique icon for Military base caches.
  20. Congratulations to Carbon Hunter who has become an Earth Cache Reviewer for Africa WELL DONE
  21. With reference to armchair caching of Earth Caches. I am busy trying to get two Earth Caches published and was asked by the reviewer to remove a "security" question I had in my posting as it was not part of the Earth Cache subject. So unless you ask a very specific question that can only be answered on site, (which is not always possible) how, unless they post a photo will you ever know if they been at the GZ. I therefore hid a few traditional caches very close to and leading to the Earth Cache to assist me in identifying the Armchair cachers Agree with Peter, most popular of our armchair cachers in the UAE are German. We have also had the incident where if they cant find the cache they hide their own replacement cache where they think your cache should have been hidden.
  22. I feel for the cachers wanting to place their own earth Cache. The frustration of finding the questions to ask or what info to provide can be a head ache. Not all of us have Degrees in Geology, My training is in Inspection, Its just that I have a passion for 4x4ing and get out into country when ever possible. I have come across many interesting Earth features but as I dont know my granite from my limestone I am left like a kid standing at a candy store window. I would love to share these places with other cachers but instead of opting for a traditional lock n lock box hidden under a rock nearby I opt for an earth Cache. I therefore take a lot of photos and then sit hours on the internet trying to get some answers of what I was actually looking at. Then start the process of putting together an Earth Cache, but those questions, oh those questions. One wants to make the caching experience a fun one, not one thast going to compel the cacher to spend a few hours on the internet looking up answers to claim the cache. And here comes the crux of the whole Earth Cache: How do I know you were there and did not spend a bit of time on the internet then then claiming the cache without out leaving the house. Simple....post a photo, but as this is now only an (optional) requirement the next thing is to ask a security question. ie, what is the colour of the writing on the sight leading up to GZ, then the reviewer retorts that this has nothing to do with the Earth Cache subject and wants it removed. If you dont want your photo to appear on the internet, write your caching name on your forefinger and photograph that pointing to the GZ. There are a vast many options So for me the Alternate logging requirements is born out of pure frustration on the part of the Geocacher preventing Arm chair caching.
  23. Hi Cache owners. Just a heads up. This weekend we have come across 2 separate armchair cachers logs. One in Dubai and another in a remote part of the desert. Cache owners have been informed and now the onus rest with them to delete their logs.
  24. Living in a country that is over 50% desert we do not have a lot of places to hide caches out of the city. Most desert hides are hidden by creating a hollow in the sand and then covering the cache with a large stone or pile of stones. Unfortunately between October and January we get winds that can cause the rock/ rocks to be either totally or partially covered by sand. Does this constitute a "buried Cache" thus being illegal in terms of the geocaching code, or does it fall into the same category of those caches covered by snow through the winter months? What your take on this?
  25. If there cache is still at the given coords then you have a right to claim the cache and log it as "found". Its up to the cache owner to remove the cache if they archive it for any reason. Until they do remove the cache I feel that it is still in play. I had a case where I loaded my caches before setting out on holiday. Cache was found en-route to my final destination and only once I logged on to the geocaching.com found out that the owner had archived the cache between me leaving home and finding the cache.
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