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  1. Hi there, I would like to help with your puzzle.. just let me know what is required.
  2. Thanks Erik for all your hard work over the years. As one of the very few local cachers in Kuwait, I'd like to let you know that I appreciate your help and dedication since I have started Geocaching in 2007. All the best
  3. No question Erik & Crow T Robot have done a wonderful job with no delays.. please do not get the impression that we are not appreciative of their work. The point cincol is raising however is a valid point. Local cachers, especially ones with a ton of caching experience, do have a better "angle off view" at the location of a cache. Just couple of months ago I sought a cache in Kuwait only to find out that it was on a restricted zone! not to mention that it was clearly mentioned by the cache owner that it was NOT on a restricted area! The cache owner was not even a resident of Kuwait! I support cincol's suggestion and moreover I nominate him to be a local reviewer, if he didn't mind. Peter has been around for a long time and has hid tons of great caches and he knows the rules of the game. Besides, it's a difficult task that consumes time.. not a privilege. I have checked the page on how to become a reviewer and it seems that GC.com would contact whom they see a good candidate. Again, I would like to thank Erik and Crow T Robot for their continued commitment and great work.
  4. Congratulations! Well done on your first 1,000
  5. Got it and working on it.. should be ready very soon
  6. If you are using a GOOD anti-virus / internet protection like BitDefender, Norton or Kaspersky you should be OK. I am using one of course.. thanks cincol and hope to see u soon in Qatar.
  7. Thanks all.. what worries me is that I did open the email.. some malware could have infected my computer already!
  8. While checking my email I found a message linking to this forum and stating that "martinway has just posted a new topic entitled "Buy fake passports,ID cards,Drivers licence and other documents" in forum "Arabian Peninsula"." I thought this must be some kind of joke.. when I clicked the link, it showed an error finding the page! Has anyone else had the same message?? Any idea what that could be? Do you think I should report this to GC.com as spam? Thanks in advance..
  9. I'd be happy to do that too.. Hey cincol.. didn't know you spoke Arabic! good for u
  10. Too bad Let me ask some people here and see if it is really not possible.. I know that Egyptians, for example, who work in UAE and have valid visa there, can come to Kuwait and get their Kuwaiti visiting visa at the airport for like 3KD (about 4 QR)! I'll get back to u on this one..
  11. Hello all, Wondering if anyone would be interested in meeting in a small event in Kuwait in the coming week or so.. that would be the 1st in Kuwait. Looking forward to getting positive responses.
  12. Great Job on the show Viruszero.. And thanks for uploading the episodes on Facebook since I don't have the DMTV channel. Keep up the good work.. Can't wait to watch the next episode.
  13. Hi guys,, Congrats in advance Do u have the dates yet? I'm gonna be in Europe in the first 11 days of September.. but hope to be able to make it if it's after that.
  14. Following the thread and wishing you the best of luck. Anything I can do to help in Kuwait? Please let me know..
  15. WOW!!! Great work so far and I am sure it's gonna be very interesting to watch One thing though.. I nthink there was a spelling mistake in arabic.. It's مستكشفو الكنوز not مستكشفوا الكنوز Please confirm with someone else too but I am almost certain about it. Thanks for such a great work.. please keep us posted.
  16. Just a suggestion.. why not start with a more or less easy cache to get people interested rather than shock them with a difficulty 5 terrain on Episode 1? Hyenas and snakes seem interesting ;-) I remember coming across a young wild fox while attempting Jal Al-Zour (GC21F3V).. also, A huge lizard (Dhubb) while in Bahrain seeking Bahrain Geo-Post Office (GC17PJG). This guy actually hid under the rock where the cache was Thanks for the efforts VirusZero.. keep us posted.
  17. Well done to both of you - in areas where caches are not that prevalent either. Keep it up. Thanks Carbon Hunter
  18. Great news indeed. When is it expected to air and what channel? I guess I'll have to start finding new locations to hide some more caches in Kuwait
  19. Congratulations to Terrorbyte for reaching 100 finds I also congratulate myself for doing the same
  20. Hi Carbon Hunter Thanks for the topic,, I am willing to participate and cover Kuwait for that matter.. whatever theme you decide on.
  21. Hi all,, A TV show introducing Geocaching in Arabic is a great idea.. spread the word and let the locals know about it.. never under estimate the power of the media. Here in Kuwait, I guess the only local cachers here are myself,my wife & 2 kids. All the best VZ and welcome back to the region.
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