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Christmas Cache Ideas?


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We are planning a Christmas cache. As we have met so many lovely people through Geocaching, we are placing a cache full of little wrapped presents for everyone to find and making the presents only available on Xmas eve, Xmas day & Boxing day after which we plan to leave the cache in place for people to swab Xmas goodies. Just something to say Merry Christmas to all our Geocaching friends!


Team Tate


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Last year at Christmas our family wrapped presents and put them in an ammo box. We then went out in the middle of no where and and decorated a tree and set the box under the tree. We had a great response. This year I've already got the presents wrapped and the location set. We will probably set it out on the 14th or 15th for all our geocaching friends. The only rule is you have to take a present and leave nothing, it is a gift cache.



Here's last years cache


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Originally posted by Web-ling:

I've been seriously considering hiding some of my daughter's Christmas presents out in the woods, and handing her my GPSr with the coords plugged in.

I read this post outloud to my husband... He got this evil gleam in his eye and our son said, "Oh No! Don't even think about it!"




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