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  1. My grandson, Jacob logged his first "find" when he was 5 days old. I took him to Mtn-Man's Don't Be Bashful. Jacob's log My log
  2. OK, I used Geobuddy to make the file. And I was able to import the data. Now I just have to figure out how to do the colors. Do I have to do each one individually?
  3. quote:Originally posted by Poindexter:Use Microsoft Streets & Trips and import your caches. Blue pushpins for caches found, black for ones I haven't found. Pan around, zoom in/out at warp speed. Double-click on cache, link pops up, clicking on link takes you directly to cache page. Oh that sounds GREAT!!! How do I import the caches to Microsoft Streets & Trips?
  4. Hi everyone, I placed a TB Hotel/Library near I-95 and the Savannah/Hilton Head Airport. Please stop by & visit it. Read & Release at Bookcrossing.com
  5. The meeting this month is not TOO far from Augusta. This will be my first meeting and I'm really looking forward to meeting some of the Georgia Cachers. GGA January Meeting
  6. I didn't know it when I placed the cache, but the city of Ridgeland, SC decorates the Blue Heron Nature Trail & the pond beside it. It's really nice... big professional decorations, Christmas music from the house/school behind the pond & a restaurant right on the pond. It's right on I-95 if anyone is over this way. Just 21 miles north of the GA line. Trail Dog IX
  7. quote:Originally posted by Rubbertoe:McToys get a bad rap. Sometimes a McToy is better than a dollar store trinket... it is just the dirty used McToys that turn people off, I think. When Chaos & I are out geocaching together, we hit the drive-thru for lunch & share a happy meal. You should see the cashier trying to hand out the meal thru a 2 inch crack because Chaos has his head out my window. I ask them not to put the McToy in the bag with the food. Then I leave it in the original package & trade it. I put a Treasure Planet toy in my Appalacian Trail Dog Geocache last week, but it is gone already.
  8. quote:Originally posted by Web-ling:I've been seriously considering hiding some of my daughter's Christmas presents out in the woods, and handing her my GPSr with the coords plugged in. I read this post outloud to my husband... He got this evil gleam in his eye and our son said, "Oh No! Don't even think about it!"
  9. Those of us lucky enough to not be allergic to poison ivy have a hard time remembering to watch out for it. My husband, son & I don't get it. But my poor daughter breaks out if she gets anywhere near it! It got her out of alot of yard work when we were clearing land for the new yard.
  10. quote:Originally posted by Black Dog Trackers:here's the bottom line - the church steeple, firetower light, courthouse finial, sort of PID is pretty much the lowest form of hunting and also has the lowest requirement of reporting. There's nothing to read, no name to compare, the coordinates are always far more accurate than our GPSs can measure. The structure is either still there or it isn't. There's nothing else to say in a report. For a real challenge, look for some benchmark disks! Plus then we can argue far into the night about how to count them. I agree with the description that "structure benchmarks" are a pretty low form of hunting... right down there with virtual caches that require answers found on historic markers. And also that looking for the benchmark disks is much more challenging. But I like finding the structure benchmarks. I used to have a friend who traveled on a geodetic survey team. They traveled with their families in motorhomes. I think that's why I think the structures are so cool. I imagine the team deciding what existing structure to use and making their calculations from there. Here is one of my favorites. http://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.asp?PID=BR1450
  11. I first heard about geocaching on "Family Outdoors" on the DIY network. We already camped & hiked as a family and I thought that geocaching might help to bring back some enthusiasm from my 15 year old son. My husband already had a GPS, so we gave it a try. Well it only took a few caches, & I was hooked. So now Chaos & I do most of the geocaching. The hubby & son come along once in a while, usually to places where dogs aren't allowed (so I don't have to wander the woods alone.)
  12. quote:Originally posted by Goldkey He is sitting on my desk right now, I am still trying to decide where to put him, so if anyone has any ideas or really wants to get ahold of him, let me know. If you can get him over to I-95, Chaos & I would love to run down & get him & move him up the interstate a ways.
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