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Anders' new outfit


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Originally posted by Anders:

I was referring to people doing athletics, or so was the intention, at least...

I suppose maybe I shouldn't have made the joke. Anders, the mis-pronunciation of ath(uh)lete is sort of a joke amongst english speakers... It's real "country" sounding. Just like edumacation.


By the way, you seem to have a marvelous grasp of English, I assume you've spent some time in an English speaking country...



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No offense taken due to that joke. The more you hear and read, the more you learn.


I spent a lot of time with the US Orienteering Team during the 80's, and now my job makes me go here and there now and then, so I've spent some months in USA, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, when all is put together. Besides, I write a lot of manuals and other technical information in English, as good as it is, which keeps it up, so to speak.


Men jag tycker fortfarande att alla kunde skriva på svenska! icon_biggrin.gif



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I'm getting a friend of mine to make me a Star Trek uniform. Imagine, if you will, a man walking around in the woods, in a Star Trek suit, carrying a GPS, FRS radio, cell phone, and wearing a back pack.


run! the Romulans are coming! The Romulans are coming!





"Make it idiot proof, and someone will make a better idiot"

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