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Clover TB Found ... What Should I Do?

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Posted in the graveyard, but also in here for input. Sent an email to the owner but he hasn't been active in a couple of years it looks like. What should I do if I can't reach the owner?


Ok so the missus wanted to go visit all the yard sales in Lewiston, Idaho on this nice sunny day and low and behold what do I see sitting on the table? A bag with a TB and a figurine attached to it, a little green jeep and a geocaching patch. I asked where they got it and they stated they didn't know. I explained what it was and they said I could just have it (Thanks you guys)! So I looked it up and Clover from 5 years ago in an archived cache from 5 years ago. I have never brought a bug back from the yard and was wondering, do I try to contact the owner and see what he wants done with it or send it back into the wild? 913873_10151315494415771_1154563446_o.jpg

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After doing a little research the patch is not trackable, but the Jeep seems to be a Green Jeep Traveling Bug without it's tag. Couldn't find a missing Green Jeep TB on the archived cache will start working out from that one and the first missing one I find I will email to see if he/she wants the Jeep for a possible copy tag. If no go will try the next 5 missing out from there. If still no go will purchase a bug for it and send it on it's way!

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That jeep looks likes one of the Travel Bugs released as a promotional by Jeep. There are A LOT of missing jeeps out there now. I would say it is the most coveted traveler by cache bandits.


Example: http://m3.i.pbase.com/o2/32/38432/1/103563553.4OieAxUM.GreenJeepTravelBug2.JPG


Yep that's the one. If I can't find a possible owner, I'll get a new TB on it and send it on it's way :) Hopefully it will have some fun adventures. We have quite the bug blackhole around here it seems. I will start doing my best to get bugs moved out of it when I can :)


Maybe instead of finding a way to stop the thieving, we as a whole should start watching our local caches and if certain ones seem like bug killers, we move bugs to safer territory for their travels to continue. Just my 2₵.

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Well I think I found where the Green Jeep came from, went missing around the same time "Papoose Peak (ID)" Green Jeep Travel Bug from Riverfront Park-Grandmas Birthday. Going to contact the people I got all this from and see if they can find the tag for it. No way to contact the owner due to unverified email. If no luck will purchase tag to get her back up and going.

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Well I got ahold off the people that had the stuff and they said they remember the tag that was attached to the Jeep, after I described it to them. They will take a look around and see what they can find. So possibly some good news :-D. How long should I give it for the owner of Clover to get back in touch before cutting him back loose into the wild once again?

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