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Geocaching with NFC Tags

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They (Goundspeak) need to be consistent on the listing requirements. We have 3 approved locally (so far). Two are listed as a multi-cache and one is a mystery/unknown. Two show the wireless beacon attribute and one does not. One is listed as a 5 difficulty and two are not. Two are listed very clearly that they require a smartphone with NFC capabilities and one does not.

From the way the guidelines and the above linked discussion it would seem to me they should all be listed as...


-Difficulty 5 due to special equipment needed




-Wireless beacon attribute


Not one of the three locally are listed with all three.


Shouldn't they be all listed the same?

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They (Goundspeak) need to be consistent on the listing requirements.

Don't they just we have one here i did not include the wireless beacon attribute "a wireless device that transmits a brief message" as that is not what an NFC tag does, but they insist it has the attribute, at least i know who to forward the complaints from the "garmin chirp" club to, maybe they should use "active beacon" and "passive beacon" attributes :blink:

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There is a Help Center article on this topic Beacon Geocaches.


Whether the cache is listed as Mystery or Multi depends upon whether the CO has provided an alternate route to signing the final log.

Near me is one where you can either receive the beacon, and jump to final, or you can climb a couple of trees for conventional tags with stage coords. It's listed correctly as a Multi.


Cache page should have the Beacon attribute if receiving a "light signal" ;-) per hcy, is required.

I don't see that D 5 is necessary, it's certainly not called out in the article.

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The old and often recommended Clayjar scale ( http://www.clayjar.com/gcrs/ ) may be what keeps driving D5 on some caches due CO's sense that specialized equipment is required.

I debated as to how to deal with this on GC2G604. As far as actually executing the find goes, it's fully a 4.0 effort, and that's what I chose for the D. However, the Clayjar would suggest that it be rated 5.0 solely because of non-GPS equipment that must be brought to the party in order to make the find. Oddly, gc.com recommends T 5 for similar situations, though isn't as clear about it.

So while the beacon attribute discussion at gc.com doesn't mention D at all, it is covered in the link above.


In the end, I settled on the 4.0 even though this cache may require some finders to borrow some equipment from a friend, but all of what is needed can be found at a local WalMart.

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