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  1. I currently have a TB that was released in Australia with a mission to get to a cache 8 miles from us in the UK. And have released a TB myself with a mission to visit a certain cache which it achieved. So no you are not asking too much. It's a great idea to have two target caches. After travelling half way round the world, the TB I have from OZ can't finish its mission as its target cache is missing. I have tried contacting the CO, to see if I can get it maintained. But alas its not looking likely.
  2. I have found a small number of caches this way. It does give a great sense of achievement. But with it a higher risk of failure. Good on you.
  3. I second the comment about the etrex20 if stretch for the extra cost. Then add free maps from http://talkytoaster.info/ukmaps.htm If you wait a couple of weeks and keep an eye out on amazon you may get a deal on the run up to Christmas.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Annie got back to us overnight. My designs are approved, have sent the payment. Hopefully I should have the codes soon.
  5. Fronts and rears for two designs. No Groundspeak logo's and they have the "Trackable at geocaching.com" text clearly on the same side as the code. Link to proof's. (Sorry not sure if this will work)
  6. Yes I included two designs for approval.
  7. I tried contacting Groundspeak best part of a week ago about purchasing tracking codes for some personal Geocoins. Originally using the geocoins@geocaching.com e-mail address then the help centre. But alas so far I have only established that unlike pizza you can't eat e-mail!!! Can anyone suggest an e-mail address that GS will actually respond to, as I am keen to pay them money $$$$$
  8. I log and e-mail at the same time. That way the CO will have both e-mails in their inbox at the same time, so easier for them to check. I also don't expect a reply unless there is a problem.
  9. Also by asking they may leave the containers in place for you to find / collect for them.
  10. If you do lose a TB just let the owner know. As a TB owner I am very grateful to honest cachers that me know they have lost a TB, s*** happens. This way I can release a copy. Please don't pretend that you dropped it at a Mega event.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to come back and post the solution. I occasionally use OCM for some of its advance search facilities. Its just a real shame that its not a "Live" app with API access.
  12. Hi Molly There is a regular (Monthly) series of events based around Northampton and surrounding area called Northants Natters. Why not come and join us one month. The one for March should be published in a week or so.
  13. I don't believe the limit is the hardware, it's more about stopping you stealing the whole database of caches.
  14. Judging by the exchange rate that Groundspeak used when introducing local currency pricing for Europe, each Bitcoin would get you one years membership!
  15. Just unzip and copy the two "GPX" files to the "/GARMIN/GPX" folder of your memory card. Create the directories if they are not there.
  16. Looking at the pictures on the listing they don't have a `OS 1:50k` look and feel. Please remember under the OSM license anyone can render and sell their own maps. And there are Garmin TYP files for OS maps in the public domain, which they could have used. Where Martin's objection comes in, is the time and effort he has spent perfecting his OS look and feel.
  17. You can, see this page for more details. Like everything in life there is a snag. You have to buy a minimum of 50 @ $1.50 each. And have your design approved.
  18. Seriously? Seriously Since the Garmin software update to fix the `Sticky` issue, the waypoint averaging on my etrax30 has been next to useless. We use one of the original Google Nexus 7 tablets, with GPS Averaging app. I have had fewer comments about accuracy on caches placed with the Nexus than with the etrex. It's not infallible, I ended up with co-ords 20m off for 1 cache. But it's certainly as good. Don't tar all Android devices with the same brush, there is a lot of variability with the GPS chip-sets. We now look back at the Android we stared with and wonder how we ever found any caches!!
  19. Please don't. Just because you can use colour. It does not mean you should. Not everyone read logs via the web and some devices will show the code.
  20. Becouse of issues like you have discribed I have given up using my etrex30 and now use and android app as it's far more accurate!
  21. I am not sure, but I believe that I have read on the forums that GS remove the geotags from photo's to prevent them from being used to find GZ of puzzle caches. So the picture would have to have hosted externally.
  22. Thanks Martin, after rendering my own maps I know the process you go through to creating and testing these for everyone.
  23. If you don't think they are receiving your messages via their profile you could try posting a note on one of their caches. But being polite is more likely to be successful. Try along the lines of "I would be so great-full to see it moving again".
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