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Log a Travel Bug


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To log a travel bug click the play drop down menu and select "find trackables"

There it will say " enter the tracking code of the item"

Put the trackables code in there and it will take you to its page.

From here you can "log it"

To make the image appear, when you upload an image you have to put a tick in the box marked "make default image"

If you don't put a tick in here the image doesn't appear.

The easiest thing to do is delete the image you have for it then upload it again.

Hope this helps.



Oh by the way, I don't think you can log your own trackables as a find. I've tried and it didn't work.

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This will help: http://www.geocaching.com/track/howto.aspx


Once on the trackable's page, click the "Add log entry" link on the right, select the appropriate type of log (retrieve, discover etc,), and finally write your message.

You can upload your image after you've submitted your log by clicking the small gray/green icon beside the red trashcan.


I hope this helps!

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