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Costco Special on SporTraks

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I just wanted to let folks know that Costco is having a special right now on Magellan SporTrack Pros. I got mine for $289, with a $75 mail-in rebate. The pack also comes with a carrying case, carrying strap, car recharger, car gps unit holder (suctions to window) and MapSend CD. It's a great buy, but the rebate will only last until 7/31/03.

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This is a heck of a deal. When you go to offroute.com and price out the same components, it closes in on $400... Unless I did my math wrong. Anyway, with this deal, with all that gear and the discount, its about $214... WAY cheaper then other places I have checked out.


Now I gots me 2 GPS's.. does that mean I will get twice as lost? Is that possible?


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The rebate form used isn't online, so there's no link to it. It's a form that comes on the receipt you get at Costco when you make your purchase. I've used them many times, and they always arrive about three or four weeks after you send them in. So no, there's no special catch with the rebate, they will work.

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O.T. but: The Costco rebates are the only rebates I actually consider as part of the final price when looking for deals. I have never had a problem getting a rebate on anything from Costco.


I have had very bad luck getting other rebates in a timely manner, (a Yamaha CD recorder I bought, took 8 months to get the $30 rebate).


I saw the deal that cheesepuppet is talking about, looks like a killer deal.



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Has anyone had success in purchasing the costco package deal online and getting the rebate from Magellan? The costco website tells you to go to Magellan's site to get the rebate form, which has the disclaimer that price club packages are not eligible.


I really want to get on this deal, but I'm hesitant.




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Oh no! So you mean if you buy it online then you have to go through Magellan, and Magellan won't honor it? That seems wrong. Not that you're wrong, but it seems like Costco can't give the rebate to some and then let others hang. Have you tried calling Costco to ask what the deal is?

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the willowbrook one is like 40 miles from CStation



West Plano

1701 Dallas Pkwy

Plano, Texas


East Plano

3800 N. Central Expressway

Plano, Texas



600 West Arbrook Blvd

Arlington, Texas



2601 SR-114

Southlake, Texas


Fort Worth

5300 Overton Ridge Blvd

Fort Worth, Texas


Katy Frwy at Bunker Hill

1150 Bunkerhill Rd

Houston, Texas



12405 N. Gessner Rd.

Houston, Texas




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No, Costco is selling it and the rebate applies. If Costco lists a rebate available then it should be applicable.


Something else to look over is the fact that they say this: This item is covered by Costco's guarantee to refund your purchase price if you are not completely satisfied. Costco's guarantee applies, even though this item may not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty, because Costco is not an "authorized" dealer of the merchandise.


The worst that could happen is you would have to pay for any repairs that may be needed during the first year of ownership, since thats all that the manufacturer gives anyway.


P.S. It does look as if the rebate only applies to the SportTrak Pro Kit.



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Good news - from costco cust. service rep:


Thank you for your recent e-mail to costco.com.


Costco has an agreement with Magellan and the rebate will be honored as

specified. Please submit it according to the instructions on the rebate





Tomorrow's payday. Hopefully, I'll get the package soon and start getting some serious geocaching in!


Thanks to everyone for their feedback.




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