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New Apostolic Church

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There are probably thousands of denominations that do not have their own category, many of them in a geographically very limited area.


I would welcome a catch-all category for minor denominations, but I fear this could be very difficult. I am personally not interested enough to deal with such a group, but I surely would participate posting.

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I'm not superhappy to work on this category idea, but I'd like to waymark the church in my home town. BUT there is no category for it.

We have so many church categories that it will be impossible to catch all other in one together.

So what is the solution? I'm not sure.

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I know some "New Apostolic churches" and I found no category for them.




Google Pictures




Ah! Well, this Christian denomination is not well-known in North America. It's roots are in Europe, especially Germany, and has grown in large numbers in recent years into Africa and parts of Asia, especially India.


I would say that an organization with 11 million members in over 50 countries of the world is both prevalent and global in terms of Waymarking category criteria. This is certainly more than many, many of our current, thriving categories.


Since there is no category that specifically includes these, it is not redundant. (There's always the possibility of overlap with other categories depending on age of the building and other features such as clocks, bell towers, stained glass windows, etc., but that is not true redundancy).


That leaves the fourth criterion of "Interesting/Informative." Of course this can be a very personal and subjective view. To suggest that churches are as boring as supermarkets reflects a very personal view. I think that it is obvious from the number of existing categories for places of worship that they are of high interest to many people. Religion is part of every culture, so these sites have an inherent interest. If someone finds them boring, then that's okay, but that is not a good reason to deny a category that others may find interesting and valuable. I think we all have our list of boring categories.


So, I would support a category for this group of religious sites. It should be confined to the New Apostolic Church world wide. Care must be taken because the term "Apostolic" is being applied to many churches or incorporated into their name in a rather loose fashion. Most of these are independent and have nothing to do with this historic church organization.


I am NOT in favor of a "catch-all" category for church buildings. I've discussed this approach with its inherent weaknesses and problems before. And, it doesn't make any more sense in this case than anywhere else. Each category must stand on its own merits and have a clear focus.

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Please no catch-all category for churches please. This would not make sence.


This could be a good addition to the existing church catgories. I would support this category.

I know several of this churches in Germany.

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To bring this back tp topic ...


I'm still convinced that it is worthwhile to create this new category.


Some facts and numbers aout the NAC:

  • More than 10 million members world wide
  • more than 61,000 churches world wide

So it seems to be global ...

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New Apostolic Churches


Managed By: New Apostolic Church



This category is for buildings currently and formerly used as New Apostolic Churches.


Please take a look at the Expanded Description for further details.


Expanded Description:

"The New Apostolic Church (NAC) is a chiliastic church, originated from the Catholic Apostolic Church. The church has existed since 1879 in Germany and since 1897 in the Netherlands. It came about from the schism in Hamburg in 1863, when it demerged from the Catholic Apostolic Church, which itself started in the 1830s as a renewal movement in, among others, the Anglican Church and Church of Scotland.


The church considers itself to be the re-established continuation of the Early Church and that its leaders are the successors of the twelve apostles. This doctrine resembles Restorationism in some aspects.


The official abbreviation in English-speaking countries is NAC (for New Apostolic Church), whereas it is NAK in German (Neuapostolische Kirche), ENA in French (Église Néo Apostolique), and INA in Portuguese (Igreja Nova Apostólica) and Spanish (Iglesia Nueva Apostólica).


The emblem of the church portrays a white Latin cross, hovering above stylised waves on blue background. The sun rises at the horizon of those waves, symbolised by 10 rays.


In 2006, the New Apostolic Church claimed to have about 10.8 million members and 61,243 churches worldwide, thus being by far the largest Catholic Apostolic movement." Wikipedia


Instructions for Posting a New Apostolic Churches Waymark:


Naming convention: Name of Church - Location (e.g., Neuapostolische Kirche - Prien am Chiemsee, Bayern, Germany). Please make sure that the Waymark name and the church signage agree (unless you can present a compelling reason otherwise).


*If the building is no longer an active church, or no longer a New Apostolic Church, please include Former in the title.


Coordinates: GPS coordinates taken by the waymarker himself at a publicly accessible location as close as possible to the building (at the front door if possible).


Photographs: At least two original -taken by you- photographs are required:(1) one of the Church building (please try to get it all in for the default shot) and (2) one of the sign so the words on the sign are legible.

Please use your own photographs, and not copyright photographs taken by others.

Additional photographs are welcome!


No GPSr in front of the camera. We trust you used one to take the coordinates, but we're more interested in nice photos than in you proving you have one.


Long Description: Please provide as much information as possible for the long description. If you can't find any history about the church itself, describe the church and the area it's in. Is it the original building, or a newer replacement? Built on/over the original, or on a new site?


Buildings that are no longer active New Apostolic Churches must have photographic or documented support for the existence of the New Apostolic Church during its activity. This "proof" can exist in the form of a marker, plaque, tablet, or website. If a sign no longer exists for a former Apostolic Church, the documented proof of its former activity will override the requirement for an image of the church sign.


*If the building is no longer an active church, or no longer a New Apostolic Church, please include Former in the title.


Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:


At least one photo. You're welcome to be in the picture, but please, No GPSr.




Year Built

Worship Times


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Did a search of Australia for this church & there are 50 odd however not all have actual church buildings. One conducts its service in a library, others in school & community halls. Highly unlikely these venues would allow church signs as they would just book certain times.


Would these particular locations meet the requirements of this category as they can be identified clearly as venues for this church?


Tried to add an example but just got ..... try this http://www.newapostolic.org.au/index.aspx?page=4&cid=2795

Edited by Tuena

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Here is the web site for the U.S. church .... http://www.nac-usa.org/


Only 250 churches and it is not clear if they all have buildings.


Also, there are many churches that have "Apostolic" in their name but are NOT part of this denomination, so it is important to make that distinction and verify the church's identity.


I'm sorry that some find churches boring, but many of them find them of great interest. Just personal preference should not be the criterion for evaluating the merits of a category.


Move ahead.

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