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  1. If the person hasn't met the requirements to record a visit then delete the log & notify them. I did this several years ago for a large number of visits by a particular person who recorded visits along the lines that they lived in the area & would have visited the site at some stage. They needed a combination of waymarks to allow them to look for a geocache. After the deletions by myself (& another from across the ditch), they visited the waymarks & took the required photos.
  2. Had you stuck to: This category will not accept elevated buildings which are entirely residential there could be no haughty replies etc.
  3. Under the forum titled Buildings on Stilts you were adamant that elevated residences constructed after 1900 would not be acceptable. Now you're saying (based on the URL) that these are acceptable eg: This category will accept elevated buildings which are entirely residential, whether permanent residences, beach or lake rental properties, hotels/motels or condominiums. Such a change should have been mentioned prior to Peer Review. There are a huge number of elevated weatherboard houses in flood prone areas. Many have been jacked up with the steel framework built under them. Not something I would take a photo of given they are someone's home.
  4. I get this in Google Chrome on Windows 10 whether using the site or via GSAK.
  5. Your proposal was denied via Peer Review but from what I can gather you have simply resubmitted it for a second go. See Wayfrog's comment about self service coin operated laundromats in relation to a question from me viz https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/356790-self-service-coin-operated-laundromats-voting/ Similar?
  6. I got the feedback questionnaire yesterday & saw this topic today. Have only ever used the old profile page (dashboard) so had a look at the new & given the imminent demise of the old, will change to the new. There are a few things I don't particularly like though - the position of the links on the left hand side, Advanced search has disappeared, no nearby Waymarks, Your Lists & Lists are duplicated.
  7. I am somewhat confused by the voting on this proposal. Yesterday there were 12 votes cast with a 50/50 spread, today just 2 both for. What has happened?
  8. There is already a category for stone church artefacts so one less thing to worry about. The church I attend has dozens of wooden pews which aren't interesting or comfortable. The pulpit is of wood but nothing to write home about. And it's locked outside services so no photographic opportunities anyway. I do have a stone church artefact but as I recall it was outside.
  9. Saw that the other day when I was considering whether to volunteer as an official for a few more categories - neat.
  10. These "waiting stones" are already accepted in Stone Church Artifacts: Church Lych Gate Coffin Stones The lych gate coffin stone is within a porch or entrance to the churchyard where the coffin bearers placed the coffin on a wide seat, whilst waiting for the priest and the rest of the funeral cortege. These stones were in the centre of the entrance.
  11. I use a Coghlans Tick Remover - a small cylinder with a clamp at one end & a spring on the other. Grip the tick & twist anti-clockwise & the whole tick is removed. In hard to reach places someone else gets to use it. Spay repellent & wear a wide brimmed hat.
  12. I had a look at the hide stats in a 50 kilometre radius from home (Shoalhaven City, NSW) & there has been a surge in hides since 2015, from 121 per annum to 263 last year & 84 so far this year. A major reason would be power trails hidden in the Southern Highlands which started to take off in 2017. Wollongong has a few PTs but fairly old & much the same in the Shoalhaven, with one hidden this year. I'm not a financial member of Project GC so no stats on archived caches. Interest in the activity by local geocachers waxes & wains, myself included although I support another listing site as well.
  13. The four I found in Australia were as you state - caches in their own right. Three were the Traffic Control series, the other originated overseas. They generated a lot of interest.
  14. Do we have any updated statistics? I can't recall or find any for last year. Also is it possible to list stats for declines?
  15. Slow as a wet week but no errors.
  16. I was just "having a go', a stir about the hemispheres. No offence meant. I use your search option now. I go into Goggle Earth, write down the coordinates, type them into Geocaching Australia for the conversion, copy that etc. Google maps didn't work for me as I couldn't find any co-ordinates. I've saved the searches into Notepad eg Bega [lat:-36.675133, lon:149.843133] so I have a permanent record.
  17. I'm in favour of this category, with or without the exclusion. There are several in Australia with the majority off-limits to the casual climber. Some are very tall others short but on the top of mountains. Geocaching Australia has a Locationless cache Firetowers GA2654 which has 63 entries.
  18. 1. 5MB 2. 3 3. 1.20 4. 1 5. Posted 2966 Visited 284
  19. Thanks for that. I've opted out (never knowingly opted in) & searches are back to normal.
  20. Must admit wasn't aware of the new map/search function until today. Yesterday when I searched for Newest caches I got a list of 1077, today none. There aren't any in the immediate vicinity & if the map is any indication, the search was confined to the paddocks surrounding my location. Clicked on most favourited, none. Clicked on Events, heaps in Germany. I live in Australia. Tried the Quick Search function with the three options all giving results in Germany. I'd rather get the results I got yesterday so if there is some means to opt out please let me know.
  21. Just typing up a sad story about how your search function didn't work when I decided not to put the minus sign in front of the longitude but in front of the latitude where it belongs. Now solved but a convoluted way of getting there. Perhaps the Lackeys could fix whatever broke.
  22. There's a 300 metre stretch of road in Craigieburn, Victoria which used an additive to the asphalt made up of 530,000 plastic bags, more than 12,000 recycled printer cartridges and 168,000 glass bottles. As to whether there is a sign beside the road lauding that I don't know but it was the first in Australia. There are a few others in Queensland & NSW.
  23. I found a couple (ladder & tunnel) on Tuesday & submitted them as one. Hopefully it was night time over there when I noticed the category was current. There is another further along the highway where the suspended ladder goes 'down under' a bridge rather than over, as is appropriate.
  24. In New South Wales there is a scheme, the Cattle Underpass Scheme, which helps farmers defray the cost of road underpasses. So you'd see a long line of cattle but probably not much else unless there was somewhere to pull over. The photo on the site shows fences but was taken on the farm as opposed to the embankment.
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