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How does my cache and FTF prize look?


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Look at my name and then criticize my cache.

Is it too over the top? Too busy? Too noticeable? I also have glued some mushroom candles inside of the lid, so when you open it they POP right out, lol. And we made a mushroom hitchhiker travel bug too :anitongue: which can be seen hanging from the lid in the last pic

I clear coated the box so that paint will hopefully last longer too.

and my FTF prize is an etched bracket/shelf fungi that i sanded down so it'll stand on its own, but I thought it was supposed to be F2F and not FTF, lol. You think they'll mind?The back side of it can be seen in the final pic...(yes, its a real mushroom)

I also included a $2 scratch ticket for the 2nd to find prize.

Thanks in advance. My girlfriend and I spent a lot of time on it, lol, probably too much <_<

Sorry for the poor image quality.


Now, just gotta find a creative place to place it once I find a few more caches and get newer ideas








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my FTF prize is an etched bracket/shelf fungi that i sanded down so it'll stand on its own, but I thought it was supposed to be F2F and not FTF, lol. You think they'll mind?

I think that's fine, it gives people something to puzzle over :anicute:. I almost like "F2F" better than "FTF", maybe you'll start a trend! There's no strict abbreviation requirement for such a prize, if you place one. But you just plain must also sign your name on it, or the cache name, so it's a proper souvenir :P. Good creativity on the box, too!


By the way, on my first cache, the "FTF" took the "second-to-find" prize. So don't be too surprised if they're taken out of sequence.

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Awesome, good reply, thats the kinda thing I was looking for.

Ill take it back in and have it re-lasered when I think of a cache name...thanks!


"Something to puzzle over".....? The box or the f2f mistake?


Very creative! I would probably just be happy to take the adorable TB!

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Thanks :anitongue: i carved the mushroom tb, my g/f painted it :-)


Im thinking it'll be called mushroom kingdom or something similar. I have an evil fake mushroom nano coming to compliment this somewhere across town.


Im/we are gonna wait til 50-100 caches to place them, however. I want to see more unique placements (if they exist around here).

All ive seen are boxes hidden behind trees or in log piles. Ive only seen 1 nano, which was a baseball size piece of limestone with a nano drilled in and hidden in a rock wall. That was pretty cool.


Thanks, people :-)

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I ended up placing my evil mushroom cache instead. Its a mushroom nano cache.

The ammo box will have to wait until my girlfriend is available to help me choose a place.


my first cache placed and 1 find and already 1 favorite point...yaaaay. makes me happy :-)

Mycology 101


Note all the mushroom puns, lol, that was too fun.

"Stools, muchroom (thank you Lovejoy and Tinker), fun guy"

hehe, I hope people like it

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Nice size cache. And no one can argue that there's not muchroom inside :laughing:


(Sorry, but the old ones are the best)


Love it by the way, always nice to find something that someone has put some thought and effort into - always appreciated.


:laughing: Oh, that is baaaad! ;)


I don't hide many micros, but your pun reminded me of one I put out with this container:




The cache was titled Questionable Roominess.

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