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Visiting Groundspeak

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Definitely make an appointment. When we went, they told us that they try to schedule the visits on Friday afternoons. That way they are not constantly interrupting staff with visitors. That was a few years ago now, and things may have changed, but I do recommend you make an appointment first. It's a great place to visit, so definitely try to get there if you can.

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Yep, what JesandTodd said. The email to contact@geocaching.com is the best way to go to schedule a visit to Groundspeak. We do prefer scheduling visits on Fridays at 2pm. It's well worth the visit and we love having geocachers stop by!


Yes. I've heard about this ... something about you keeping lots of Travelers in a big trunk! :blink:

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It wasn't that long ago that I went, but they have moved. They're not far from where they were before, but I think I'll go again before long.


If you can come out around the time of the Block Party, it was a total blast last year!!!


I went early, planning on leaving after an hour at most, and I stayed all the way until after it was over. A whole lot of fun!!! I'm glad I was there early. I still didn't get to do everything that was available.


The only thing is that I don't know if they'll be giving tours during the party. I seem to remember they weren't, but I could be wrong. They had the party Saturday last year, so it would be easy to visit on Friday before. I'd make really early reservations for that day though!!!!


I enjoyed my visit there.

Have fun, and be sure to hit some of the other caches in the area. I recommend the "Tubular Series" by Dayspring Those are the best!!!


Also, the day after the Block Party there is a mega-event up highway 90 at the Snoqualmie Tunnel near the Ape cache replacement. That's also across the freeway from the oldest cache in WA.

Have fun!!

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