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Free Standing Columns

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In the previous thread I threatened to create a category (which I adore) for freestanding columns. Several people indicated their interest in officership including Dáin & Olík, razalas & N!TR0. I saw no negative feedback so I am going to create the category this weekend put it up for a vote and hopefully next weekend we can begin to add waymarks to it.


Anyway, some exclusionary items to the category would be:

1. broken columns in a cemetery

2. columns shorter than 10 feet

3. columns still attached to a building

4. cheaply made, vinyl or plastic columns for front lawns

5. obelisks

6. War memorial (MAYBE) I am not sure about this one and want some feedback. I could go either way on this.


.....and any other obvious things the community can think of which I have not.


I would also appreciate any category descriptions I could use to be written up and placed in this thread to make life easier and assure a general consensus before the vote.


I haven't even thought of a group name: How about Pillars of the Community. (I literally just thought it up as I was typing the sentence)





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Wow you guys think of everything! I guess war columns are good but there should be nothing on top. You see, a column only has the base capital and pillar and nothing else. So, then yes, we can do war memorials provided they have nothing on top. Tante.Hossi in this aspect we are in agreement. Thanks for your input. Bruce, the multiple columns in the AGS waymark would be totally acceptable as one waymark, in fact, they epitomize the spirit of the category. Well done. fi67, can we just do standing columns please? They borken or lying one fit into the ruins category as well as other places, which I can not think of at the moment.


Okay, anything else?



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Gee, I go to sleep and a new category forms! What would happen if I stayed awake more?


I would add an exclusion for temporary columns. I am thinking say, outside a used car lot, for example. These may even be of stone, but clearly intended to be no more than temporary.

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This is not a bad idea.. I've got one in mind to log already.


Not sure if this would get past peer review though because of prevalence. Outside of Europe there probably isn't all that many around.


Not a problem with me I think over-prevalence is worse but know that many waymarkers will deny a category if they can't find one between their house and the grocery store..! :laughing:

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I have been reviewing the various constructive feedback. Rest assured, we will make some adjustments on the submission guidelines upon completion of the peer review. Although the guidelines do appear rigid, I am sure we will make exceptions, adjust the requirements and allow the dust to settle, so to speak, to have a nice category that while has integrity, is not restrictive or prohibitive.. Your criticism is well-received, so, I thank all of you who took the time to reflect on the category and make intelligent comments. Well done!

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As far as I could tell, we had 100& approval in peer review. I did not however receive the usual e-mail of congratulations on a new category being created. I found that to be odd. I was very happy about the 100% though. We also had the same perfection for the Quaker Meetinghouses, so woohoo! We have several waymarks already and judging by what has been approved, we have been very in our guidelines so it would appear the aforementioned concerns have already been taken care of and are no longer a problem.


Next up, Revolutionary War sites, either strictly American or for any revolutionary war. I was leaning toward American only as there are sites in Europe which could qualify for such a category. Any interest?

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