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Acceptable Duration of Retrieved TB Inactivity?

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I know this question has been asked before, but short of digging through pages of back topics...


I have a TB that was retrieved back in January and the log happily stated the cacher had good intent of moving it northward. (I do believe that the intentions were indeed good and true.) The problems comes in that no further logs have been made, not even an auto-visit {unlike another of my TBs that has received some 8 pages of auto-visits in under a month (!!!)}, let alone a Drop. How long should I wait before sending a polite e-mail asking if they truly still have the TB?


Many thanks!

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It if was me in this situation.... I'd send a polite email now. I make a point to email a TB owner if for some reason I didn't move their TB along within 2 weeks.


People have good intentions with TBs that sometimes just don't work out, so definitely be polite and just ask about the status. Sometimes I will say something like "My kids are really looking forward to seeing where the TB goes next!"

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It's only me but I wait a couple of months. Sooner is OK too. The keyword is polite, but don't be surprised if you get a nasty reply. I have received some interesting excuses: I forgot, I just found the bug in my drawer. My husband and I divorced, he picked up and I didn't know it was here. I have also seen bugs magicly reappear after no records for years thousands of miles from the last drop. It makes the game more interesting!

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In my case, my TB got picked up from its first location and is still with the cachefinder after several months, but I've been kind of checking in with his activity, and since he hasn't logged any cache finds since that time, I'm content to leave it. Once he starts hunting again, if my TB hasn't been dropped/logged/moved, I'll ask him about it. Since its the only one I have, I'm hoping that he comes out of hibernation, but that's part of the game, as they say.


Bendithion. Blessings.

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Oh this is happening to me. My first placement of the travel bug, and he had it for two months. I sent a polite email, he sent a polite one back apologizing and promising to move it along. This was in August. So, he's had the tb since June and I'm afraid he's keeping it. Such a total bummer and actually quite rude. How hard is it just to pass one into a cache near you? At this point I don't care if he follows the instructions - just want it moving in a cache!

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Thanks, gang!


I attempt to remind myself that there is no knowing what the other person's situation may be. Life can get complicated. Delays are sometime unavoidable.


But that said, I do find some dismay in that so many trackables go unlogged or simply go missing. Logging is so remarkably easy.

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