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How do I add a photo to a new hide description?


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Hi, I am preparing my first cache to hide and I want to put a photo beside a poem but I don't want to make it a background image and cover the whole page. How do I add it to the description of my cache please? I can't seem to find it in help but then, that could be my search skills needing tweeking. Could someone give me some suggestions please

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Toss in a curve...

try <right><img src=thefullwebadressofyourphotogoeshere><left>Roses are Red<\b>Violets Are Blue<\b>Most Poems Rhyme</b>But this one doesn't</b></b>


I used table and it worked a treat. It was uploading the photo to the web I was unsure of, and I found I could upload it to the cache page and then use the link to place in in the table and manipulate it

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