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Cache Idea

Shaved Ewok

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So my wife, SexyJenPharaohQueen, had an idea for a joke cache last night and asked me to run it past some people to see what they think of the idea. After reading all the stories of people using geocaching to propose to their significant other, she thought it would be funny to create a cache with a name something along the lines of "I hope you find this before your girl!" Inside the cache would be a big note that says "Will you marry me?" The idea would be to hide this one around April Fools day. So what does everyone think? Is this funny or maybe a little cruel? Thanks for the feedback!

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Sorry, but it seems a bit cruel to me. Could be embarrassing if the girl does find it...and the guy has other ideas about their relationship. No guarantees that it would be published on April 1, before noon and then there's the rest of the year to think of. Bear in mind that caches are meant to be there long term, a minimum of 3 months.

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I like the idea of adding humor to the caching experience, but as Sol said, the guidelines require at least a modicum of longevity. Imagine this cache being found on some other day, (say, June 12th, for instance), would it retain its appeal? Also, in the greater scheme of things, significant others caching together is a fairly rare phenomenon. I think it's neat that your wife wants to kick things up a notch, and humor's a good way to do that, I'm just not sure most folks would get it. Kudos for effort, and if you two pull it off, even more kudos.

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A bit cruel, really. Imagine the misunderstandings that could ensue - do you really want any potential break ups to be on your conscience? Not saying that the cache would necessarily break a couple up, but it could bring up some touchy topics where they just weren't on the same page yet. And if that happened, it could just ruin the fun of geocaching for everyone involved.


If you were to go through with this idea, I'd say the cache name should be something like APRIL FOOLS - at least give them a little warning to not take it so seriously.

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Humor can be tricky! What's funny to some may not be to others. I think you could develop a cache idea based on marriage proposals - maybe ask the finders to submit log entries about their own experences with proposals? You could set it up as a puzzle cache, maybe using famous lovers as the theme! (Although that sounds more like Valentines Day than April Fools!)


Or just do a April Fools' Day cache that involves a funny container or some other twist that "fools" the finder a bit. We own some caches that were placed on holidays; of course, they are permanent caches that can be found at any time.

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