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SUBMITTED (13683) - [FEATURE] Update the benchmarks database

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The Find A Benchmark feature on geocaching.com is lots of fun for some of us. But there are many benchmarks out there which are in the NGS database, but not listed on geocaching.com because the copy of the NGS database here is from 2001 - 10 years old!


To use myself as an example: I live in SE Florida. I have found and logged 47 benchmarks on geocaching.com. On Waymarking, I have visited 9 already listed benchmarks and myself submitted 28 more (with 8 more not finished & submitted yet). That's 45 benchmarks - nearly as many as I've logged in geocaching.com! Of those 45, nearly half are listed in the NGS database but were not added until after 2001. Keep in mind this is not even searching in the non-geocaching.com database; this is just looking for witness posts.


I enjoy tracking what benchmarks I have found and it would be much easier to do on geocaching.com with an updated copy of the NGS database rather than creating Waymarks.


Could the geocaching.com copy of the NGS database please be updated?

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57 minutes ago, JL_HSTRE said:

Wow I posted this over 6 years ago. I still hope it will happen, but I'm not betting on it.

I wouldn't either.  There are a bunch on Waymarking...   IIRC, benchmarks were added simply to give members "something to do/things to find" with their just-bought handheld GPSrs until there were enough actual geocaches placed to keep them busy.   :)

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