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  1. Having found over 300 benchmarks that I've been able to log, I have enjoyed these in addition to the caches I find. On a rainy day where caching isn't practical, benchmarks of church steeples, water towers etc have been a great backup activity. I would have more benchmark "finds" but the database not being updated has meant that many I have found just weren't able to be logged. If one finds a benchmark, but can't log the find due to the absence of the mark on the site, it isn't lack of activity, it is lack of verifiable activity. Kind of like the tree falling in the forest that nobody hears? It still fell. I suppose that GS has their mind made up, but I still think it is a bad decision.
  2. As I head for a cache in an area that allows hunting during the season, if there are no vehicles in the parking lot, I might wear my orange vest and go on in. If there are vehicles, I just leave. The hunter has the short season to enjoy hunting, but we get the rest of the year to go find the caches.
  3. XHawk

    Lists Not Opening

    Just a few minutes ago, I tried again using Chrome. It seems to be working now.
  4. XHawk

    Lists Not Opening

    I uninstalled Chrome, then installed it again. Still have the problem, so something must be wrong the current version of that browser.
  5. XHawk

    Lists Not Opening

    I was on Google Chrome before. I moved to Firefox and that worked. So there must be a Chrome problem. Thank you.
  6. XHawk

    Lists Not Opening

    Sorry, I meant the "Lists" that is over from my handle on the main page. I wanted to download a list of caches from "My Lists". I hope that clarifies my problem.
  7. I click on "Lists", the page begins to open. I get the header at the top, but the loading stops. I have the green loading icon just sitting there stopped.
  8. I tried that and it didn't work, so I tried again with using "Last 24 Hours" instead of last hour. That did the trick for me.
  9. I just came back and tried again. Chrome does not work; but Edge and Firefox seem to work fine for me.
  10. I just went to a cache page, then hit the "View Larger Map", and I still get the white page. Edit: I am using Chrome Browser.
  11. If one of my caches gets the "TB listed is missing" report, I will mark the TB as "Missing". There is a CO in my area that has a TB Hotel, but when I have messaged the CO that TB's are missing, I get no response. The old lead the horse to water, but can't make the horse drink it scenario. I will report what TB's are missing in caches that I visit; I'm sure the next looker would like to know.
  12. Minnesota banned caches in rest areas several years ago, but you will still find some that were placed before the ban.
  13. I do appreciate the feedback. It does tell me that I definitely should have allowed more time. A week would have been a much better choice.
  14. Yesterday, I had a log come in on a cache of mine that said "he didn't have a pen, but the log was nice and dry". This didn't sound valid to me so I sent a PM right away asking him to describe the cache or the area at gz so I could let the log stand. Nothing happened after 24 hours, so I deleted it. About an hour ago he responds with correct info, but now doesn't want a find since I deleted his "honest find". And claims it says more about me than him. Just following the geocaching guidelines about signing logs. Maybe I was too hasty deleting it, but in this 'instantly happening' world where caches are logged from phones, I thought I allowed enough time for a response.
  15. I was another who used 2 different state lists to find out immediately about events, new caches, and travelbugs. Very disappointed with this decision.?
  16. XHawk

    PQ page sluggish

    Yes, using Chrome and Windows 10 got me nowhere. Using Firefox to log in and get here, but that is far as I can go.
  17. The newest version of Garmin Express is now.
  18. A new version of Garmin Express is available. It is Version I followed the instructions and have now loaded a new list of caches for today.
  19. My Garmin Express wouldn't send a list to my gps using Chrome or Firefox. I downloaded another Garmin Express and it seems to work ok now.
  20. Thank you, Ben H! I updated to Garmin Express, and my Map64S downloaded the latest list like a champ!
  21. Jess?, you didn't saty if you were trying to use the old Garmin Communicator, or if you were using the newer "Send to Garmin" feature. The old one is kaput. I was having problems loading caches to my Map64s while using the "Send to Garmin" feature. I called Garmin, and after running some tests we determined that one of the caches on my list probably had a bad GPX file. Other lists had loaded fine. After hanging up the phone, I managed to find the bad file. If I add it to the list, the file won't download. When I remove the particular cache, the list downloads to my Map64s just like it should. Just make sure your Garmin Express is up to date. Version is the one. The bad file belongs to GC7FRNV, which is an Earthcache.
  22. XHawk

    Garmin 64s

    Pup Patrol, Thank you for finding and sharing this information. I will try this with my 64s.
  23. I like the site the way it was. I could see the newest caches and upcoming events published in my state, but now I am not finding them. It is hard to find something that I don't even know is there. Give us the option of searching for what we want the old way. "Why not resolve this all by just adding the new features to the old search tool for us computer users and give the new look to those with tablets and phones?" by Zop I'm with ya Zop!
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