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  1. Does anyone know if there are plans for location-based stats and souvenirs to be generated/awarded when logging AL caches? I did five ALs at Heathrow Airport during a layover because that's all I had time for. I'm disappointed that I haven't "cached" in the UK according to my maps.
  2. I’m traveling to Greece soon and would like to create a t-shirt that says simply “Geocaching” in Greek. I’ve only been able to find the English spelling. Is there a way to spell it with Greek letters? Could I just substitute for each letter?
  3. Almost five years later... thank you for the info. Sorry for the delay.
  4. Never mind. Just figured it out. Lab caches do not count towards FP accumulation. Meh.
  5. Same topic, different question. I can create a new thread if need be. If favorite points are gained with every 10th find, why would I need to get five more if I'm sitting on 2038? Maths tells me it's 2. What am I overlooking? TIA
  6. This is great! It would be helpful if we could filter by cache type on the main landing page and not just within the established filters. For example, I don't always need to see archived events, or I may want to look only at my mysteries.
  7. Is it possible to turn my Geocaching photo gallery into an RSS feed that I can share on a blog?
  8. I noticed today that all of the TBs in my inventory have duplicate logs on several, but not all, recent found caches. One cache has each TB logged 5 times! I've been using Cachly lately but I'm still fairly new to it. Has anyone else seen this before and/or know what' s causing it? Is there a way to remove the duplicates in bulk?
  9. That's good info. Thank you. After having done my first Wherigo yesterday (solo), I realized I may have been overthinking it. I was expecting audio files at each zone, but they were all text (with some pictures). Text can be previewed and/or edited on the spot. Of course, now I'm assuming all cartridges are text-based. Am I assuming correctly?
  10. I'm new to Wherigo caches. I'm wanting to do some with my boys but I'd like to make sure the one we're doing is kid-friendly. Is it possible to preview a cartridge before heading out to the field? Thanks, myrthman
  11. What's the status on this? I found a WSDOT benchmark in Seattle this week and would love to log it on Geocaching.com
  12. I have a pic of the disk itself. I'll look at Waymarking.com and also the linked subforum above. Thanks!
  13. I happened on a benchmark this week, while looking for a nearby cache. It's a WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transportation) survey disk near a pier in Seattle. I found it on WSDOT's registry but can't find it on Geocaching.com. I have a feeling that it's not part of the GC database. Does anyone know how to ask Groundspeak to include WSDOT's registry so these can be logged? See http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/monument/search.aspx for the search tool I used to ID the disk I found.
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