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Geocaching and Copyright.


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I don't know WHO I should ask...

I made up some nifty little fridge magnets the other day with those Magnetic Sheets (an AVERY product) you can buy at London Drugs.


I used the Geocaching.com logo with our moniker underneath and it looks pretty sharp!


My question is: Have I violated some copyright law...am I going to be sued...is this "legal"?


I plan to put them in Caches as signature items, but if I'm going to be hounded by lawyers, I'll just use them at home instead!


PS. I wish I could post a picture of one but this forum doesn't seem to allow attachments!

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Originally posted by Team MJDJ:

OK...I have supposedly changed my avatar to one of these new "fridge magnets"...


What do you think? Am I in trouble with Geocaching.com's lawyers?


You sure are. I understand that at this very moment they are discussing your penalty: You can expect to be called on to arbitrate the differences between J5 and Zuuky.

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Buried somewhere around here is the rules about using the logo. It says something to the affect that you can use the logo up to 25 times without permission. It looks like you've made 27 posts on the forum, so you're already 2 past your alotment icon_wink.gif


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If you read the info on the logo guidelines page, you will see that they want you to request permission for producing more than 25 items. A quick e-mail with a sample of what you intend to do should get you the thumbs-up from GC.com. I never had a problem getting the OK for my sig items.




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Thank you Bassoon. Your reward is pending! icon_wink.gif


Team MJDJ:


refer to this page for more information.


We are also willing to make allowances for those of you who have creative ideas and want to do something fun for your friends and fellow Geocachers. The Groundspeak Geocaching Logos may be used only on non-commercial items. These items may include, but are not limited to shirts, hats, coins, logbooks, stickers and cache containers. Additionally, the Groundspeak Geocaching logos may not be modified in any way. If the lifetime use of the design is less than 25 units, you may consider permission automatically granted. These items may not, under any circumstance, be sold. For larger numbers of items, please request permission by sending an email to logo@Groundspeak.com.


BTW. The link to the logo page is at the bottom of the main geocaching.com page (among others). It is quite small, and being black type on a green background, it probably gets missed quite often.

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When you are posting, you will see a little picture with blue and green in the middle, and white at the top & bottom, above the field you are writing in... ubb_code_img.gif


If you have a picture on the web, you can show it in a post by clicking that icon and pasting the URL.


To place pictures on the internet for Geocache uses, you can use This Link.

After you upload... do not hit refresh or reload. Click the link (or your bookmark) again to see the image and get the URL. If you use "reload" it will upload the image again.


Good luck,



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