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Cache hide styles that quickly get boring.


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For me, boring is when you take a great, container or hide idea then over do it. No matter what it is or what it contains. Here we have someone that came up with a good container on a particular vending machine. One cache was a great idea. Putting them on every danged machine you see is boring and stat padding. My little town is also getting tired of responding to "someone trying to break into a mach" calls because of these caches. This type of neg attn hurts geocaching. We also have the city bus stop over done stat op. Too bad GC.com doesnt make limits a rule.

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Do micros in the woods REALLY not bother anyone else?
One of my Favorites is a micro in the woods. No, I am not bothered by micros in the woods per se.


But with that said, I am bothered by high-difficulty hides in areas that cannot withstand the repeated intense searching that a high-difficulty hide produces. A micro in the woods that falls into this category would bother me. But it would bother me because of the combination of high difficulty and sensitive area, not because it's a micro in the woods.

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I only have 56 smileys, so maybe it's because I'm still newer- but so far, I like them all. Every one makes me a little better at finding future ones and I absolutely love finding new places I never noticed before. I love the ones I have to hike to in the woods just as much as I love the easy guardrail park and grabs. I suspect this may wear off, though. Even then, I'm not sure I could ever just IGNORE a cache listing. It's there, therefore I must try and find it. In my opinion, if I ever get tired or bored of looking for them, it'll be time to take a break or find a new hobby. We do have a very large amount of guardrail P&Gs in our area, and I do have to say they aren't my favorite anymore, just because there are so many. But since one seems to be at the end of nearly every rail here, I don't have to specifically go and find them. If I'm near a guardrail- I can just go check it!

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Since we have kids that are bored with micros, we usually skip that cache type. HOWEVER, we realized that a local cacher who hides a lot of micros makes them a LOT of fun. He hides them in creative containers and his hides are almost never evil. We've gotten to where we love finding his micros. The best one so far was hidden in a huge plastic spider just above eye level in a tree. I hate spiders and when I found it, I screamed like a banshee. Then I made my husband get it. I loved it! Just goes to show you should never judge by cache size! :laughing:

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The hiding places covered in poison plants, bee hives, or bug nests. The ones tied to thin tree limbs that are out over cliffs and bodies of water. Then they dont mention on cache pg to bring gloves or tools. I know more experienced cachers take aids along, but some of us already carry cameras and water on hikes, so dont have room to pack tools. We have a cacher here in my area that takes delight (brags about it) in hiding things in such places. The above things have happened to me. I realize I had a choice not to try to retrieve the cache, but after hrs of walking I just cant imagine leaving w/o retrieving. LOL At least put the info on cache pg so people can make an informed hunt. For some w/ allergies it could be a life or death issue.

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I dislike the garbage can magnetics? Why????


As much as I use colorful language for mists; three of my favorites have been them.


I've never seen a cache on a garbage can, probably because I have never looked for one. They simply wouldn't go over well in my area.


What is a "mist"?

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