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Challenge Idea

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Tell me what you think about this idea. I want to create a challenge where you have to go down a section of river in a canoe or kayak...it's a long section it's probably 20 miles as the crow flies from where you put in to where you get out. It's not a straight river! So I would estimate 30 miles at least.


That in it-self is a challenge...as I am no expert, but I think this would take a weekend to complete, but I was thinking of having who ever accepts it place a cache out there as well...to much? I do not expect alot of people to do this challenge, primary the locals with the kayaks and canoes, and they place water caches. good/bad idea? Maybe make it a "bonus" of the challenge?

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Going down the river would make a good challenge, requiring placing a cache is a bad idea as there is enough trouble getting people to maintain caches as it is. Also these caches most likely be throw downs and how many would run into the 528 ft rule? :shocked: Stick to the trip as a challenge and forget the place a cache idea. :smile:

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If you placed a kayaking challenge near me I would definitely accept it. I'm sure others would be asking to use my kayaks so they could too!

That is a VERY difficult challenge, though!! 30 miles is for very dedicated and adventurous cachers, not families like us with children. Sounds like fun, though.

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