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Milestone Hiking Stick Medallions

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Evening fellow Geocachers,


Recently I created 2 hiking sticks, sanded, stained, etc...they look really great. My wife and I also recently returned from a trip to the New England area, in which we visited Mt. Washington, and the (Former) Man in the Mountain. While researching the ways to properly create a good hiking stick, I came across the topic of hiking stick medallions (which i ordered two of: http://www.hikeamerica.com/Catalog/pennsylvania.html#PA-2)


I like the idea of badges representing the special places we have visited / hiked through. My question is has anyone seen hiking stick medallions for geocache milestones? Id love to get a 200th find medallion for my stick, since we are creeping closer and closer to that goal! Thanks for the feedback.


(PS, I have no affiliation with Hike America, just really liked their products.)

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When I was stationed in Germany (a long time ago) I used to do a lot of volksmarchs. It's kind of like a local fun run but you walk instead. You got a neat looking medal or a walking stick medallion celebrating that particular march. I would check some of the european geocaching websites and see if they have them. I just saw a geocaching walking stick emblem that I am thinking of getting. If you do find them could you let me know so I can get some too.

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Thanks for the replies. If i come across anything like what im after ill be sure to post it here. The geocaching trackable medallion is next on my list, but i just got laid off, so it'll have to wait. ill keep this thread alive if my research turns anything up!

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