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Log this cache button incorrectly activates my cache page


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When I click on "Log this cache" button, it takes me to "My cache" page. If I hit the go back button and rehit the "Log this cache" it correctly takes me to the log page. It always takes two tries.

Anyone else experience this?



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This is a wild shot in the dark, but you can try it if you like as I've had problems with the browsers cache goofing up stuff like this.


Before logging the cache, try clicking SHIFT-REFRESH (could also be CTRL-REFRESH, I can't recall) on the cache description page. This forces your browser to go out and get the data for the page rather than pulling something out of its local cache on your hard drive.


I know this sounds crazy, and may not solve a single thing. Give it a whirl if you feel up to it. It's helped me with similar problems in the past.


Good luck!

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