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  1. I've been taken to the "Seek a cache" page before.
  2. Has this happened to anyone else?
  3. I just got my avatar to display on the old "My Profile Page". Now it doesn't show up on the new one. :')
  4. Thanks for all the help. I'm getting it slowly, but surely. Easy GPS allows you to have x # of files which can be saved, modified, etc. Utopia doesn't seem to have a "Save" function. What if I want to save the one i spent hours working on, load another, and someday go back to the first? Is that possible? Or am I confused about the purpose of the program?
  5. It took this post to realize that I've been having logon problems as well. I have Xp and mostly use Netscape 7, but sometimes IE 6.
  6. That's odd. Just like Geokatt, my avatar shows up in the forum, but not on my cache page. Anybody got any ideas?
  7. For some reason, my avatar won't show up on my cache page either.
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