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Can not log in today.

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I have had my account since 2002. Right now i can not log in to look at caches. I can get into the forums. I can even look at my own account and caches i have found. The screen shows i am in as ncfinn. But when i try to look at the cache page, it says that i am a visitor and must log in first. When i try to log in, the same screen keeps popping up telling me to log in. Any solutions?

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Are you clicking the "remember me" box, after you fill in your username and password?


I don't have any problems logging in via the Hide & Seek a cache page, and viewing the listings under "newest caches in Ontario".


The only strange thing is that the caches listings all have a transparent question mark over the D/T box.


Oh, never mind, that question mark thingy is gone now. Weird.

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My friend used her computer to sign in as me and it worked, so unfortunately the problem is mine.


Yesterday Time Warner upgraded my service to Turbo (or something), did that mess things up for me?


Thank you for all your help!

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My bet is coooookies.


How would cookies keep me out?


If it doesn't store the cookies, it would.


I try to type in my username and password and the log-in screen just refreshes.


What do i need to do to the cookies? I did not change any settings last night.

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I've been having the same problem for a couple of days. I haven't changed any settings on my computer, and I am checking the remember me box. I have been able to log in after a few tries, making sure that I ignore the auto-populated password and typing it in again. It isn't remembering my password at all, and it is logging me out after even a very short period of inactivity.

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It took me a full week to be able to access the geocaching.com website after the update. And randomly since them there will be times that it still won't load for me. Yesterday & today were two of those days. >:[ I still have caches to log from our vacation this weekend and TB's that have been moved that I can't log! Sooo frustrating.

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Annoying! I was supposed to go caching out of town yesterday, but had to cancel because i could not get info on any of the caches.


My cable company says "there are outages" in my area. So no help there.


So i should just keep trying?


How do i report this to Groundspeak?



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