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Spring Floods

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I heard the water was getting high - so I sent to check on one of my caches near the North Platte River near Scottsbluff Nebraska. Got to a barricade.


The cache is/was back behind the trees where the arrow points. The wood fence to the left marks the edge of a walk/bike path normally 3 feet above the river.


I'll just have to hope it hasn't floated away (tucked underneath a fallen tree.


Any photos for other flooded caches??


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Ours wasn't taken by a flood this year but does a tornado count! We don't have a photo, but a lot of us heard about the bad tornadoes in the United States this year. One of the Tornadoes in Minnesota went straight though the woods where we had an ammo can 1000th hide tribute cache. The park service hauled away all of the down trees and our cache (if the tornado didn't :laughing:). Now the former woods is just a field with a couple stumps. The worst park for us is that we can't replace the cache ! The rest of the park is filled up with other caches and our part of the park was the only part to get hit by the tornado and all the hinding spots are gone! Chalk up our first "muggled by tornado" :angry:.

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I can't GET to the site of some of my (currently disabled) caches to take pictures of how flooded they are. I knew North Platte was getting it bad, but I didn't realize the Platte was in flood out by where you are, SB.


I'll try to get pics this weekend though. It's insane.

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My cache, The Itty Bitty Island Cache is on an island that is flooded by the Columbia. They've been opening up the dams to allow the water to flow through in preparation for possibly worse flooding in the future. It's risen the river higher than I remember ever seeing it before. Normally, you don't see very much flooding on the Columbia since it's so dam controlled.


I placed this cache in a tree, partly because I was worried about possible flooding, although this is the first time I've seen it since placing the cache in 2003, lol. Now I appreciate the placement.


You can see in the picture how the river was higher, leaving debris over the little bridge. The bridge goes to the island, which is almost completely covered by water. Normally the water is about 5 feet or so below the bridge. Kayakers and canoers go under the bridge.



flooding by Ambrosia_apples, on Flickr

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Not the current flooding, but some of the aftermath of the Mississippi River flooding in southeast Missouri from earlier this spring.




That's the TOP of a center pivot irrigation system!




For scale.


Got the ark loaded? :unsure:

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