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EarthCache Power Trails

Harry Dolphin

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Yes and no. Supposedly the guidelines were tightened to avoid that. And yet, things like "Grondwatermeter" caches were still being approved after that tightening was supposed to hav taken place. (Thought there were only 13, but if you search for "watermeter," there are more.)


I guess I just expect consistency. Maybe I shouldn't.


I'd really like to hear back from some of the reviewers on this...

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I think the closest I have seen so far as a EarthCache power trail was in Louisville KY and the area. It took us a while, but we did over 15 EarthCaches while we were there.

I was in the area around the first of the month and planned a search in Indania or Ohio so we can go Platinum EC Masters, but Mammoth Cave was as far as we got due to weather in the triple digits and T-storms. Hopefully I can get back this Fall.

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Spent some time yesterday at Martin Head in the Fundy Wilderness in New Brunswick. It was a long drive on logging roads, but well worth it.


An incredible secluded place to visit with 7 earth caches.




A little to the west is the Little salmon River and Walton Glen Brook. Another secluded wilderness spot with 3 more earthcaches. Here is an interesting log from one of the caches there



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I actually am an owner of an EarthCache "power trail." I've been reading through the posts here and I see one major concern among a lot of cachers, "are the ECs unique enough and do they provide accurate, and most of all, geologic, lessons?"


My actual intention was not to set up a power trail, it sort of just happened that way. But I think the amount of ECs that I have quite close to each other provides a lesson in itself; just because you're in a city/suburb doesn't mean that the area is uninteresting geologically, in fact, it can be quite the opposite. Many lessons can be taught by a simple stream or creek.

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