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  1. Browse the forum. There are at least 5 lesson plans on this forum.
  2. Moving to appropriate forum. Mark Case Education Forum Moderator
  3. I use the free app for my kids. I also have 4 GPS units I loan out to students. They sign a contract that if they lose or damage the unit, they replace it with one with equal or greater functionality. I have been doing this for three years now. One unit lost, one damaged. Both families replaced them with purchases from Ebay. Does the free app no longer show multi and mystery caches? I was unaware the free app no longer showed those.
  4. That's not a bad idea. If you have a specific area of caches in mind, I would contact the CO and inform them your purpose of finding, deleting and finding again. That way the CO won't get suspicious or upset. If the CO does not agree, skip the cache. I'm very late coming to this, but an idea occurred to me-- You can use the same account each year if you delete your "Found" logs from the previous year. Or rather than deleting, just change the log type to a "Note." Then they will not show as already found by that account.
  5. I would also post on the NCGO (North Carolina Geocaching Organization) facebook page. Non-educators watch that group extensively. You may get a few more people to help. Mark Case Education Forum Moderator
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  10. The geocaching.com app can enter the coordinates. Very simple to use.
  11. Not totally an education topic. Moving to appropriate forum to get discussion. Mark Case Education Forum Moderator
  12. The Boy Scout merit badge book would be great and appropriate for kids 5th grade and older. Girl scouts have some other age related materials for Brownies, Cadets and Girl Scouts. Yea, it is for scouts, but either sex can use the educational material. I have used it from both groups.
  13. Thanks Matt. I just put it on my profile page and made an announcement for others to do so!
  14. markcase

    GPS Loaner Set?

    Magellan has a loaner set they send to youth groups, schools and other education related projects. Contact Jeff Caufield from Magellan at jcaulfield@magellanGPS.com
  15. If you look through the posts, you can find a couple powerpoints that people have made. Here is one http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=145626 There are several others that may be useful for you.
  16. Moving to the appropriate forum. Keep the discussion going!!!!
  17. We had 34 people at our event in NC GC4NTHN NC USA It was a nice day with a virtual nearby and a town 5 miles away full of traditional caches. Great day.
  18. I have six cachers that are willing to be part of a committee and host it in NC in 2016. We have four possible locations that can host 1000 people fairly easily with plenty of parking. LOTS of physical containers around too! Contact me and we can start the ball rolling when you want more info.
  19. Thank you! My bag of swag for the event came yesterday!
  20. I was hoping someone else would do the event for NC. None posted, so here we go! http://coord.info/GC4NTHN Should be published later today.
  21. I think I can get a team together for 2016.
  22. Someday it will be in some place I can afford the time and money to attend.
  23. Depending on your state, it can fit several places: physical fitness, science, history, math, language arts and more. You can tie it to most subjects depending the lesson you write.
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