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  1. I've been offering to adopt EarthCaches for years now. I haven't had a single request sent to me. Good luck in your endeavor!
  2. If you’re serious about creating an EarthCache, feel free to message me. I own many examples of EarthCaches that may give you an idea or two. I offer help to anyone who may need it.
  3. Everything’s working for me now. Thanks!
  4. This is happening to me in California as well. Started yesterday. I noticed it when I submitted a new EarthCache for review and didn’t receive any emails about it. I also didn’t receive a notification when someone messaged me.
  5. My record was less than 10 mins and it was an EarthCache! That’s not something that happens everyday, that’s for sure. Even 26 mins is rare. When you’ve put out enough caches, you tend to recognize the times that the reviewers log in. If you submit a cache around those times, it’s more likely to be reviewed quickly, so long as you don’t submit it after they’re done reviewing for the day. If I were a geoaware (EarthCache reviewer) though, I would likely review caches throughout the day instead of on a set schedule.
  6. Ha! I honestly didn’t notice it was so old. They have not. I honestly don’t know who to talk to about that or if it’s even possible for that it to happen at all in the first place.
  7. You can, you just can’t set one up to get Geocachers together to specifically find geocaches as the event itself.
  8. I never quite understood why this was part of the guidelines at all. I mean, I follow them because I want to have a positive relationship with the reviewers and other cachers, and I like having my geocaches actually get published. But why you can’t set up an event to go out Geocaching with other cachers is beyond me. Seems a little odd to me. If you or anyone who reads this knows why this is part of the rules, please explain?
  9. I never thought of that being a possible issue before. Interesting, and I hope your EarthCache got reviewed and published!
  10. Congrats! I'm sure he’ll love whatever way you decide to reveal it.
  11. An event is probably your best bet. Set a day aside that you know you’ll be free and set one up. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll get a lot of good advice. Also, I see you’re fairly new. If you ever need help with EarthCaches, just send me a message. I offer help with finding and understanding them as well as developing your own.
  12. It really just depends on the reviewer. The process, where I live in California at least, begins at the very latest, a day later. I’ve had a cache take 2 weeks as well.
  13. I think it was done fairly randomly. Theres someone in my area that’s been caching for less than 2 years and only has 30 finds or so, that hid a Virtual recently. Why they would give someone that has a very high chance of never logging back in, a virtual that will likely be archived eventually anyway, is beyond me. It seems like all of my caching friends got one, except me, as well. Very disappointing considering I've always wanted to own a virtual cache... and I have the exact spot picked out in case I ever do. They need to just bring them back already. They’re obviously wanted by most cachers.
  14. I would just post an announcement once the event is listed stating that anyone could join in caching afterward. As long as the event isn’t specifically set up for the sole purpose of getting a caching group together, it shouldn’t be an issue. Some reviewers are more strict than others.
  15. This would definitely be an issue, especially if the only real hint is it’s size. I personally haven’t come across this as of late. At least not in any significant number. But that setting is up to the CO and if they want to set a micro as “Large,” it wouldn’t particularly bother me.
  16. That may not be so bad. I’ve severely cut myself while caching before. If the cache I was retrieving had a bandage that was completely sealed and didn’t have water damage, I would definitely use it. Come to think of it, I’ve actually found a used bandage in a cache before. Disgusting... man, why’d you have to remind me of that???
  17. I don’t know what it’ll be entirely, but I gotta say, I love the look of the turtle. Kinda reminds me of Majora’s Mask.
  18. I wish we could get something like this out in California. This seems like my kind of meeting. I really like the fact that there’s an initiative to educate the public about geology, which is a HUGE reason why I love EarthCaches in the first place. Good on the GSA for this one.
  19. I guess I’m lucky and have never seen an EarthCache like this, nor do I own any EarthCaches like that. I’d be curious to see an example as I like to continually update my EarthCache knowledge.
  20. I’m very lenient when it comes to things like this. I’m quite lenient on the answers to my logging requirements as well, unless it’s completely obvious that they didn’t visit. I always steer people in the right direction in any case. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, if they learn something from it, that’s all that really matters to me. I see it like this: If someone visited a site and remembers what it looks like, that doesn’t mean they know how the Geological feature formed. If they learn how it was formed from my EarthCache pages and then apply it to their previous knowledge of the feature, I see nothing wrong with them logging it as found, so long as they demonstrate that they learned something or thought more critically about the feature. Just my thoughts.
  21. I see this happen more often than not, as well. I always send a message or email stating that the logging requirements to whatever EarthCache of mine that they found, were incomplete. I usually don’t get a response until I’ve deleted their log due to lack of communication. That’s when they act offended that I would even think of deleting their log. Mainly they respond with something along the lines of, “Why did you delete my log for that? It’s just a game, get over it.” I always tell them that this game has rules and if you don’t follow them, there can be consequences. As minor as they may seem. Basically, all I ask for is a little effort, which almost never happens. One word answers always come through too.
  22. I take it you mean a pipe for smoking some sort of drug. If that’s the case, just throw it away. It was likely not a cacher who put it inside the cache. There’s really no need to bother the police over something like that. They won’t do anything except take it and throw it away themselves anyway. Regardless, I would definitely let the cache owner know what you found considering it was likely found by a muggle.
  23. I completely agree with you on that, but it’s usually new players that don’t know the rules and don’t know that caches generally aren’t found or checked on every day. I never did that when I was new, but still, I never see anyone that’s been playing for a long time make the same mistake.
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