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Matchstick containers

Ike 13

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After all the heavy Spring showers I got reports that one of my micro caches was soaked inside. It's a matchstick and I knew before visiting it was probably a missing oring to blame. Sure enough I arrive and the oring is gone. This is not the first time this has happened. Any suggestions on keeping the oring in place?

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Do not use Vaseline, it is a petroleum product and petroleum products will deteriorate rubber products. Use a silicone gel or go to your pool store and purchase their gasket gel. I use it on my pool filters with no problems.


You can get new o rings from your hardware store. Bring in the matchstick holder and purchase a few nice thick ones that just fit onto the holder. This will guarantee that they do not fall off. Also add the rubber protector gel to it and all should be good.

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I soak the o-ring in armor-all for a day or two before I set them out - seems to keep them pretty well for a lot longer.


BTW - I doubt they are just falling off - far more common is breaking apart. i learned to carry replacement o-rings from the hardware store so when one breaks on me I can replace it for the owner.

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Not sure why, but the entire box of matchstick containers I looked at have a flat rubber washer, not an "O" ring.

Washers won't "roll off."

Was the Oring added on later?

We've seen many Orings that weren't sized correctly (stretched to fit)fail. They aren't made to stretch, but to squash when pressed, filling a gap.

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Yes I mean the rubber washer. I'm not very savvy with that stuff so I did not think but now can see that there is a difference. The washers are not tight to the matchstick so if someone drops it it's gone. If the washer decides to stick to the lid a bit then falls as the finder signs it it's gone.


I was just wanting a trick to keep it on and not damage it in any way. I just ordered 100 new ones to keep with me to replace them as often as needed but it would be nice if they would stay on.


I'll have to try the gel suggestion

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