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During the recent Cache Machine weekend in Wenatchee, I noticed several cache locations that were in questionable locations. The result was that two were archived and, perhaps, confused feelings of the cache owners.


In one case, private property was not clearly marked and was in an area just outside town, at least a half mile beyond houses along a road that led up into the mountains. When the owner of the property saw a large number of vehicles parking on the side of the road and people walking 200' up an old jeep road, he apparently became very angry and removed the cache. The cache owner only recently joined (may be a sock puppet, may not be) and whose only action on the site is the placement of this cache. The spot was not marked private or no trespassing, so this is a lesson learned by us all.


The second cache was located behind a restaurant near a grease pit and garbage location. It stank and was very unappetizing. I didn't find this cache. I heard later the restaurant workers all knew about it and enjoyed watching people look for it. I also heard it was a pretty tricky cache to recognize. Because of some negative comments of people who both found and dnf'd this cache, the cache owner chose to archive it.


Two other caches in east Wenatchee were along a canal with very little setback to private property. I don't know where these caches are and could very well be on private property or not. However, I felt very uncomfortable searching so near to private property, especially when there were 10-15 other people looking in places clearly on private property and on objects that should not have a cache on or near.


I hope that the many local and experienced Cachers in Wenatchee can reach out to Cachers and help them to recognize where caches can be placed such that they would be proud to bring visitors and out of town friends to see. I know I saw many of those places in Wenatchee this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed my visit because of them.


With respect, K

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Yes, we ran into a local homeowner who was not happy with the crowds searching near his back yard on the canal & stated that we were all on private property (the canal roadway). Not a comfortable cache search there. Overall, the CM was fun & loved a few of the historic ones.

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I do have to agree I was surprised to see the number of questionable cache placements. The first canal cache we stopped for we circled around it looking for better access because of the no trespassing signs only to come back to the same no trespassing sign in order to make the find and only because we saw locals up the canal walking dogs. I too thought the grease/food garbage one was not the smartest placement.. heck where else would the local rodents hang out but in hidey holes near the trash/food. Wondered about the cache near the feral cat food station for the same reasons... rodents or feral cats are not animals I want to tangle with. I really had to wonder about the cache that can only be reached on the wrong side of a fence that is the only protection from the steep downward embankment. Why place a cache so close to what I think would be a dangerous spot, after all the fence is there for a reason. We had to call it a night after my caching partner took a nasty slip thanks to the mud while trying to avoid tripping on all the busted up concrete on another of those steep embankments.


Sometimes just because one can place a cache there doesn't mean one should place a cache there. In reverse sometimes our OCD to find the cache at all costs will put us in places we would otherwise stay away from.

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I was not at the Cache machine and don't know antyhing about the caches you are talking about but unfortunately what you describe is not unique to Wenatchee or any other location for that matter. With increasing numbers of cachers and unfamiliararity with the game, poor choices in cache placements is becoming more and more common and soon I am afraid will be the rule rather than the exception. Regretably, with increasing numbers of caches comes many more opportunities to learn undesirable behavior. If all one ever finds is rock wall, lamp post and private property hides, that is how one will assume everyone else plays the game and continue to perpetuate that behavior...

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I see the cache that was located by the garbage dumpster got ALOT of negative comments and this caused the CO to disable it and they will probably eventually ARCHIVE this hide. The issue I have with this hide is not the hide itself but rather the plethora of negative comments. There was nothing in the WCM rules that said we HAD TO FIND EVERY CACHE ON THE MAP. If people had issues with it they should have just left it for another day (and some did). This is not the first time I have found caches near a stinky dumpster. I have found caches located in rockwalls with drug paraphenilia scattered about. I also located caches near human excrement. So this hide didnt upset me as much as some. I take it more of a challenge to finding it. Am I going to complain about a cache that is 30ft underwater? How about a cache that is a 5 terrain and I can't rock climb?

I am actually disappointed in the cachers that posted the negative comments that caused this CO to remove their cache. I can only hope that CO of this cache replaces it and lets it go. It was a good hide other then the stink of the garbage and grease pit near by.


Happy Caching,


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My group found the those caches but was the canal one early in the day? In a concrete block along a road next to the canal? If it was, I don't remember any sign saying no trespassing. I heard later in the day about the one up in the canyon with the angry landowner and luckily we logged it early.

This is the canal cache they're referencing. It was toward the end of the route.

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