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  1. So this has happened with my caching partner on his Droid based phone and with me on my Iphone. We log our caches as Notes and then once we get home we log them online. Our DNF notes are coming as FINDS. The NOTES field show it's a DNF but when you click on the note it comes up as a FIND. This has happened to ALL of our DNF notes. This was just noticed so we have to go back through our logs for the last 3 weeks and ensure our DNF's were posted properly.
  2. So I have heard that this is the place to be. I would like to add my email address to the list. PhatBldGuy@comcast.net
  3. What's better then guessing what is rotting in someones FRIDGE...but I would call this a common everyday FIG.
  4. Guess I'll start this off...17 September was on a dark moon and in the days following it the new moon set before dark. Allied airborne doctrine prohibited big operations in the absence of all light, so the operation would have to be carried out in daylight BTW this is a very nice looking coin. And the fact I have to read a bit more about this battle because of the coin is awesome. Good luck to everyone
  5. I guess I just got this one in under the wire. So sorry to hear that he is ailing. Best wishes
  6. I have tried it all. I have now resorted to using MSM messages and I am not a fan of that. Spam filter is clean and even switching email accounts hasn't worked. It seems to be a growing problem. I have encountered more locals with the same issues. I have even gotten some logs over 4 days AFTER posting. And I know because they are continuation logs (multiple accounts for 1 user). It is very frustrating to say the least. I can't fix problems with my caches if I am not getting logs in a timely order.
  7. I have recently had an issue with my notifications. I have not been receiving new pubs. until 2-3 hours AFTER it was published. I also have NOT been getting some publishings or logs on my own caches at all. Even my watchlist caches have been getting logs posted 2-4 hours later. I even had once occurance of someone logging all 4 of their families accounts and only got 2 logs, as well the 2 logs I got were separated by a couple of hours. Up until 4 weeks I had no issues with any of these. I finally resorted to using my SMS for publications which is kind of inconvenient. I have asked around locally and a couple others have experienced the same thing. I am not sure if it's and ISP thing or not as I have used 2 different Email accounts to try and fix this issue. (Gmail [preferred] and Comcast are my email accounts)
  8. My wife is not a fan of them. She thinks they are disrespectful. I personally LOVE them. We live around a few old mining towns, some are just ghost towns today. I will stand there and look at the dates and just try to imagine the way life was 150 years ago. The pioneers that came across the Cascade Mtn range in their wagons. Settled down fought with the natives, lived through the cold winters all of this while trying to subsist on the surrounding area. As a matter of fact I have adopted a cache that was once just a marker for a for a gentleman that lived in the area. Nobody knew who he really was as he was a loner in the area. Then about 20 years after his death someone stumbled upon the marker and JUST HAD TO KNOW. So they did the research and footwork on the gentleman. Turns out he was a civil war survivor. He had lost his family during the war and had no place to go so he packed up and moved. So yes, they are great forms of education. I am always pointing out things when I take my kids in one to do cache. I also make them understand where are and that they should treat each plot with respect.
  9. PhatBldGuy

    state parks

    Actually the State of Washington has changed their policy on Caches in State Parks. They still need permits but the approval process is now down by the individual park Rangers and the multi-layer process has gone away. See the link here: http://www.wsgaonline.org/files/parks/wsprc-geodirective-1212.pdf
  10. This thread is one reason that I love caching. A bunch of strangers around the world connected with a single interest, caching. Some go for numbers, others for the adventure but I think we all go for the camaraderie even if its with a complete strangers. Congrats to all and it is indeed a lovely memento of our hobby (or addiction for some of us).
  11. I have seen where you hide coins Mtn Mutt...I would vote for a coin in the hand lol
  12. I have rearranged my plans for the 20th. I have planned on being out with the family on the 21st.
  13. The wife and I were actually planning a trip up that for the glass ball hunt on Camano. I have altered my schedule slightly as I can't miss on an opportunity like this. Count me in. I live south of Burien in Enumclaw so I can drive up and meet you somewhere. Is this going to be a carpool or are we taking our own vehicles? Also if no one else goes can I bring one of my kids?
  14. Depending on where you are leaving from I might be up for it?
  15. Thanks Jon. I owe you beer next time we meet up:)
  16. I have been notified of a problem with one of my caches by a fellow cacher. The image needed to solve for the coordinates has disappeared. This image has not been removed by me and I am not sure of when it happened as I have not looked at the cache page for some time (at least the year). The cache page is GCHH85 It should have a message written in klingon. I adopted this cache so have not been able to recreate the message. I contacted the former owner and have gotten no response. Not being computer savvy any guidance would be nice.
  17. So with these new caching directives in State parks we have a local cacher who is asking for cachers to adopt their caches. BuffyandFamily have asked to have their remaining caches adopted out as they no longer have time to maintain them. The emphasis right now is on the Caches in State Parks though. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?u=BuffyAndFamily They are really grateful for those that have already grabbed a few.
  18. Hey guys we have local favorite nominated for Cacher of the Month. Lets get our Local Legend the recognition he deserves. Good Luck Frisbee'r http://blog.geocaching.com/2012/09/september-featured-geocacher-of-the-month-nominees-add-your-comments/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=septemberfeaturedgeocacherofthemonthnomineesaddyourcomments&utm_campaign=gotm
  19. In front of the Burger King. 7:30 ....I'll be there
  20. Yes..Supemall works for me
  21. I'm cool wirh that. I was hoping to borrow a helmet too. Just let me know where to meet up. I'll send my number via email.
  22. I am planning my childcare now. Let me know the details and meet up times and I will have my bells on. I am assuming I only need a helmet and light sources? As far as a helmet goes, is there a specific kind or does industrial hard hat work?
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