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  1. This is my hometown (well technically it's Dufur) so I know my way around well if anyone wants to ride with me. I am really looking forward to this CM as I haven't done one since CDA.
  2. There is a good loop from Wahkeena Falls across the top and down the Multnomah trail. Multnomah Trail has lots of awesome falls like Weisendanger and Ecola not to mention Multnomah My aunt and I did the Multnomah to Oneonta Falls loop which was long (like 12 miles I think) and took 8 hours, mostly cause I was out of shape and the humidity was oppressive. There were lots of dogs on both loops and quite a handful of caches but I had a hard time picking up satellite signals so only found a couple.
  3. If 69 is the one I'm thinking of-it's awesome and really not too difficult a climb. I plan on being there also which is awesome since my parent's used to live there and I know the pennisula pretty well!
  4. Got my 1000th at the Lilypad last Friday and on 1 year geocaching anniversary. I have been busy this year with at least 800 finds so far this year. Looking forward to the next 1000!!
  5. I have a cache that I'm almost ready to place that is a memorial for my doggies who died last year and I am placing a FTF geocoin and a TB in and it will be Premium. There is just too much in it to make it regular plus I know the PM will treat the cache well.
  6. I did a CITO this spring and the area was mostly sagebrush and people dumped crap there. One large area was full of crazy stuff-it looked like an elderly woman died and what didn't get sold at the yardsale (or maybe there was no yardsale) was just hauled out there and dumped. I'm talking purses, clothes, pictures, letters, and tons of old bills. AND it turns out the lady was a deputy detective for the county or something-just sad really that all her stuff was just discarded like her life meant nothing. Of course she could have been a mean evil woman so who knows.
  7. I was caching today and there was a pile of poo and it was definitely NOT dog poo. And it was near a cache site, even though I didn't find it, yuck!
  8. It took me until this year to get a FTF (started caching last July) and then I picked up another one with my nephew. My last two were together by the same hider and I had been working night shift and since they hadn't been found by the time I got off work at 730am I went for them. So I got 2 in less than an hour and believe me I was super-excited! What stinks for me is that most of the reviewers in my area publish at 11pm or 4am or somewhere in-between so I'm usually at work
  9. I just found a cache today that was pretty cool. It was in a vineyard right next to the tasting room and was a bunch of those fake grapes and one of the "grapes" was a purple round bison container. It was just too cute!
  10. Maybe the gangbangers are keeping people from placing them?
  11. Thinking about going in early September but not sure yet.
  12. I did a mini-CM in February in Pendleton Or and I met some really great cachers from the Spokane/Inland Empire area. I had fun and had a record day but I found I don't like driving them. My second CM was a travisl production in Wenatchee in which I stayed at a hotel and then rode in a van with a bunch of the cachers I met in Pendleton. There were 5 of us in the van all with gadgets and such and we had so much fun even though it was raining almost the entire day. I met Lackey's from GS who brought goodies to raffle off (I won a book) and all in all it was a blast. I am bummed I can't make PDX this month but hope to make the next one in Sept. They are not for everyone and I wouldn't do them all the time but it was a great way to get to know cachers from all over the NW.
  13. Wow ok thanks for the thoughtful posts encouraging me to post better logs. I was going to go back and edit my logs from Road Trip (by the way I was using a friend's phone cuz mine locks up the app on the iphone-yes not a great smart phone smart a**) to what was happening on this epic road trip caching down the Oregon Coast but now I think I will leave Road Trip. I originally put Road Trip because I had just put RT and a cache owner jumped down my throat about that. So now all my logs will be essays on how excellent or not this cache was, what I ate for breakfast while looking for the cache, when I went to the bathroom after finding the cache, and so on. So I am being a little facetious but really?
  14. Ok so I'm one who sometimes posts blank logs as in my caching road trip. I could barely log the finds with the phone let alone type a log. I try and go back and edit the logs but unless I am truly inspired by a cache, TFTC it is. I don't know why so many people feel they must dictate what and how much people should type in their logs.
  15. I used almost a tank of gas (Kia Sportage) on a day trip to Palouse Falls (awesome Earthcache) then to Pullman and back to Tri-Cities. Next weekend I have an Epic Road Trip planned-leaving from Yakima going to Lincoln City Or and then driving down the 101 to Crescent City, Ca and then back up to Tri-Cities, Wa. I know gas is gonna be crappy-we are at $3.87 a gallon right now and it is always cheaper in Portland. Gas prices are not going to crimp my geocaching-I am a nurse with no kids so prices are not a problem. I know that most people have to watch their gas budget and I can only hope that prices will peak soon and then drop.
  16. 106 during a cache machine starting at 630am and finishing around 10pm.
  17. My group found the those caches but was the canal one early in the day? In a concrete block along a road next to the canal? If it was, I don't remember any sign saying no trespassing. I heard later in the day about the one up in the canyon with the angry landowner and luckily we logged it early.
  18. Ready these lists made me redo my bag and even ended up getting a new bigger bag. 2 flashlights headlamp extra batteries date stamp personal logging stamp tb I need to place geocoin to place pencil,pen,sharpie notebook whistle with compass/thermometer advil/benedryl camping roll of TP tissues insect repellent cortisone cream aquafor ointment plastic grocery bags for trash leatherman folding knife extra logs/small memopads ziploc bags in multiple sizes granola bars/mints/gum first aid kit swag camera plus pistol and clip/ammo if I go into deep woods
  19. Where and what time is the pre-event unofficial dinner?
  20. I was caching at 1am on my way to walmart for some stuff (I'm a night shifter and stay up late the night before I work) and a cop drove by me. He was going down a dead end street so I knew he was come back by; he stopped at said "I have to ask what ARE you doing" with a smile. I was signing the log and asked if he had ever heard of geocaching. So explained the game to him for a couple minutes and then he wished me a good night and drove off. Was pretty funny.
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