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Map icon display bug

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Generally when you are logged in and you have found a cache the default icon is replaced with a smiley face.


But I have noticed recently that having been logged on for a while, on an area screen display, the smiley icons have reverted back to the default icon. Note, on the top right of the screen the system still recognises that you are logged in, with your name. Screen refresh does not address the status. You must navigate away from the overview screen and then back for the smiley icon reappear ?


Its a sad day when you blink and lose your smiley face icons. :blink:

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Yes, my maps aren't working at all again today.


Sometimes I get this happening when i leave the map up too long, but now it's not coming up with the smilies at all.


In fact it started today from the first moment I opened a map for the first time today.


This is a duplicate thread on the same issue. Perhaps the mods want to merge them??

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