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  1. ...the days before PAPERLESS caching. I've been paperless caching since the beginning
  2. I like the drama. Some of the best topics have been filled with drama and are very enjoyable to read.
  3. Cachin' with Chuck Norris can be frustrating, he's been known to knock the cache right out of your grasp with a roundhouse kick
  4. Day 1, Clint was very happy finding an ammo can with good swag after a short scenic hike. Day 2, Clint wasn't impressed finding his 23rd film canister beside the road. His reaction; " What kind of punk hides a wet piece of paper every 528 feet!?" Disclaimer; this is a parody, Clint Eastwood was not subjected to any soggy logs in film containers.
  5. Sorry Darth – I don’t buy it. You didn’t mention “people in general” You quoted The Rat “"too popular, too easy, too crowded" and then called him an elitist jerk based upon his comments.
  6. If you call someone an "elitist jerk", based upon comments they made, how is this not a personal attack?
  7. A whole fleet of "Cache" police That looks like a cool geocache hzoi.
  8. "Automated armchair logging" Too funny beauxeault
  9. Every year it gets easier to log a geocache and increase your “Found It” count, especially with the introduction of; power trails, flash mobs and event stacking. Despite this, many cachers are intent on claiming a find on caches for which they did not find, or didn’t sign their name in the logbook. I’ve heard rumours of the Canadian Geocaching Alliance creating an elite squad of “GeoPolice” in an attempt to raise awareness and crack down on this foul and most heinous type of petty geocrime. Is there anything being done in your area to curtail the false logging of caches?
  10. According to post #8, this contest ended over a month ago, but unfortunately there's been no response from the original poster
  11. How about a USA-Canada themed color scheme. The yellow could be shiny gold.
  12. Here's my interpretation; I was thinking one of these versions with translucent wings
  13. Now I can’t see the image in the first post, thanks giddeanx for posting the pic. The concept of Signal having a disreputable, often misunderstood twin brother (kinda like the black sheep of the family) and hanging around a bad crowd (toads) is hilarious! Good humour people
  14. Cool artwork! I noticed a small circle on Mrs. Zombiesharkz forehead (between the eyes), is that a tiara?
  15. Is photo logging allowed, because I forgot to sign the logbook, but I have a pic of myself at the original cache.
  16. Haha, good stuff I especially liked Dominoes post.
  17. BC Parks have changed their geocache placement guidelines a few times over the past few years. A couple years ago, a cache in BC Parks had a maximum lifespan of 3 years (before it had to be archived). Now I see that the guidelines allow a cache to stay longer, but must be checked at least every 3 years. The current guidelines also state that “All caches must be marked "Geocache" on the outside of the container and the owner's name and contact information must be inside of the cache.” I think there’s a few unlabelled geocaches placed out there before the Parks Dept. had any guidelines at all, but I do agree that recent geocaches should be properly labelled. It was mentioned that caches should be placed close to the trails, but that’s not always easy to do, especially if you’re scrambling up to a mtn peak or glacier. Here’s a quote from the BC Parks geocaching policy 2013; “Cache placement may only occur in areas accessible from established trails or along approved travel routes (including remote backcountry areas that allow travel in areas without established trails).” There’s some leeway there, but we don’t want to abuse this privilege. We are fortunate enough here in British Columbia that we don’t require a permit to hide a cache in a Provincial Park. Many thanks should be given to the BCGA for cultivating an excellent relationship with the Parks Dept. It could only take one unfortunate incident; before the Parks Dept. changes its guidelines and restricts the easy access we’re granted. I know I don’t want to be that one person who ruins it for everybody else.
  18. I’m a stickler about claiming an “ethical” find, but I noticed that others; - Create a different account to hide a cache, then claim a find on their regular account. - Claim a find while they’re present while a friend hides a cache. - Claim a find when throwing down a replacement cache. - Have a friend sign the logbook for them to claim a find. - Claim a find for visiting a site, but not actually signing the log book (I once found a cache up in a tree, someone claimed a find by signing the bottom rung of the ladder, but not the logbook). I also noticed that some geocachers enjoy finding as many geocaches in a day as possible, while others enjoy hiking miles to visit one scenic geocache. When the participants have vastly different expectations, or play by different rules, the stats tend to loose their meaning.
  19. Yes there’s a rating system, but unfortunately some cachers are starting to pad their Difficulty/Terrain ratings (like some pad their total find counts). I have a 5/5 geocache that takes a couple days to complete. It involves hiking to the top of a mtn, exploring an abandoned mine and then hiking to a sub alpine lake. Recently, another 5/5 cache became available nearby – it’s part of a power trail . I believe that a few years ago the “average” geocacher was middle aged and preferred a short hike to a scenic area. Nowadays most geocachers appear to be older, rotundier and prefer driving 528ft to the next cache. Quantity over quality seems to be the reason for most of the new hides in my area . To summarize; YES, it is my belief that geocachers are getting soft!
  20. Trache - that's a good one
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