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Pathtags and Aussie Geo Cachers

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I had my first Pathtag made back in April 2007 - there didnt appear to be any other Pathtaggers in Oz at that stage. I soon found I was trading with the guys from the USA and Canada on such a regular basis that sometimes we would have trades going before my tags had even arrived in Australia! I started showing off my tags at events and soon there were a few West Aussies with them, already there were teams in the East that where joining the fun. And then the BIG breakthrough came with the Oz Mega last year. I took heaps of my spares and so did other pathtaggers and we gave them to anyone who was interested. That was last April and I have only just arrived back home from that event as we continued on a journey around Oz - back home now and I see so many Aussie Pathtags that have been made since the event. Now I need to get started on trading again!


You asked whether they are left in caches? I leave my pathtags in caches that I think are something special as a thanks to the owner or for the next person to collect, I have come across a few in caches but not heaps but that could also be because we have been geocaching in some fairly remote spots over the past 10 months or so.

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