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  1. Check out the "australian pathtag club.
  2. My GC app has stopped working at all, as of today. It worked fine yesterday, but now it won't get past the first loading screen? I have a 3G, and did the update the other day, but was working fine after the update. Only stopped respondiing today. Anyone got any ideas? Scubacrazy666
  3. That is it! To be discovered, not taken and moved. I have magnetic TB's on my vehicle, and i visit it in every cache we visit, so we track our caching km's. We only visit, not drop.
  4. I have just found a new unactivated tb in a draw, but I can't find the activation code. Any ideas anyone?
  5. Hi All, I have a travel bug, with three poeple watching it. And I was wondering if it possible to see who the users that are watching it are?
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