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  1. While reading through your post I noticed that one of your operatives is temporarily stuck 400 kilometres north of Perth. I took a quick look to see where he might be and much to my surprise found he is lurking a couple of kilometres from my home! I will take a drive tomorrow and see if I can find his bunker, he might want some assistance given the current heatwave up here.
  2. HI I am now using icaching on my new Mac. Please can someone help me with exporting geocaches to my Oregon 600? I have downloaded all caches placed them into a folder and set up the export to GPS. BUT..... after executing and waiting he caches don't show on the GPS. I have reset my GPS as originally I used GSAK and thought perhaps starting afresh might be the answer, it didn't seem to be. your assistance would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  3. Can anyone direct me to the website I can do this upgrade from. I have been trying to find it all afternoon and only come up with a trade-in offer and a site which has been closed down by some US crime dept. Before someone suggests buying a new one - I live in a remote area and don't get to geocache very often, perhaps once or twice a year. I might as well use what I have until I move to another location and when that happens I can buy the latest and greatest! Cheers Sue Karratha Western Australia
  4. What an elegant group! I love the way you have displayed them so much better than my lot which are tucked away in an album, I am now thinking I need to get them out and make them more visible! I do hope you manage to get hold of the ones you are missing, you have worked so hard to get a collection together you deserve to find the last couple. Good Luck Sue
  5. Just checked and I dont have a Cpt Zulu My flock is Laval k9 Randaddy x2 WoosonAbrams Sleepless Old Bass Cacher & Smiling Little Perch Parrothead and Wingnut = Redwing Dave Team Pathfinder - naturally!
  6. I shall have to go and check my flock and see if I have one of yours. I had no idea there were so many different once about and have only 6 or 8 myself from memory. I do know that I have a rather large envelop with probably 30 or more of ours in the cupboard, ekk... I put one out into the wild and its stayed around without going MIA but has been stuck in Europe for the past several years and everytime it gets a log its in another language! Now to find my flock!
  7. My understanding of the rules is that once a cache is archived then its not able to be reinstated. You will need to submit it as a new cache. cheers Sue
  8. I had my first Pathtag made back in April 2007 - there didnt appear to be any other Pathtaggers in Oz at that stage. I soon found I was trading with the guys from the USA and Canada on such a regular basis that sometimes we would have trades going before my tags had even arrived in Australia! I started showing off my tags at events and soon there were a few West Aussies with them, already there were teams in the East that where joining the fun. And then the BIG breakthrough came with the Oz Mega last year. I took heaps of my spares and so did other pathtaggers and we gave them to anyone who was interested. That was last April and I have only just arrived back home from that event as we continued on a journey around Oz - back home now and I see so many Aussie Pathtags that have been made since the event. Now I need to get started on trading again! You asked whether they are left in caches? I leave my pathtags in caches that I think are something special as a thanks to the owner or for the next person to collect, I have come across a few in caches but not heaps but that could also be because we have been geocaching in some fairly remote spots over the past 10 months or so.
  9. did you get a photo? More details please! We can give you all the info on the vehicle and more importantly the sign you spotted today. The sign has 3 words on it and it states......Geocache Management Vehicle. They are produced by the Victorian team of Ian and Penny.They produced one as a sample and took it to the event day called ..."Caching in Geelong Get Together " on the 16 th of August 08.If you have a look at GC1D2Y2 ,you can have a look at Roundcircles log ,they took some pictures of the magnets attatched to the vehicle. They were selling for $30 each last year ,so are probaly about the same price. They also have a forum posting in buy and sell on "GA" about half way down first page. They were apparently produced as an original idea for driving in "National Parks" to make it appear as an official car. I can also tell you ,it was not Ian and penny you saw ,as they are caching in SA yesterday. post a reply if you work out who it was . Cheers....Greg. We checked them out and they do look very official. Now off to see if they are still available. thanks for the leads
  10. We have already posted our intent on coming in the Aussie Forum too. Positively definate attendees from this West Aussie team! Cant wait.
  11. Thanks so much and I WOULD like to see how a pro does it. Guess what? I "U-tuned" it and from there was able to work out how to "connect" my Itouch through Airsharing to the PC. Hey no cables where required - OK that was a surprise for me. Then I generated a hmtl (probably got those letters the wrong way around ) and dragged and dropped the whole lot into the My Network file. I cant believe I did it!! Better still it seems to be working As I said before I really would like to see how its done properly. Cheers
  12. I for one would love to see screen shots. I have just bought my Itouch - I have GSAK on my desktop. I downloaded AirSharing because thats what everyone told me to do and now. Yep you guessed it I am totally lost. Years ago I used my IPAQ with a couple of other programs and somehow used to manage to convert everything, I kind of thought this would be easier. Obviously not a geek myself.
  13. Where to start.... First a huge thanks to Liz (Cheesy Pigs) I havent been around much in the last month or so due to some unfortunate news I had and so havent really been able to keep up with the thread. I remarked about our mail going missing - unfortunately not bills though Liz must have read that and in her generousity has sent me a couple of fantastic geocoins. The timing of their arrival could not have been better or a bigger surprise and I am very much indebted (sp) to her. Upon taking a look at the thread I see that Keewee must have been my partner and sent me my anniversary package which has gone astray. Thanks so much Keewee for sending your package and I am really disappointed that it didnt arrive here safely after you took the time and effort to send it, most especially since it was coming to me from overseas. The problem definately is with the mail service this end right here in my town in fact - Aussie Post has been notified on serveral occasions but doesnt really seem to be rectifiying the situation. Unfortunately too when mail goes into someone else box in error they seem to not bother with passing it on to the correct recipient - I must say that I get Cheesed off at having to keep delivering other peoples mail but think that it isnt the other persons fault and anyway its a great way to met your neighbours. Thats all another story though. THANKS THANKS THANKS To both Liz (Cheesy Pigs) and Keewee. I have really enjoyed the Anniversary Secret Mission and reading about everyones surprises and now finally have my own. Merry Christmas all - ( might as well get it in now )
  14. Ditto from us.. It takes someone really special to take on such a mamoth task. Congratulations on a job well done. I waited a long long time but gave up - I am fairly convienced that a lot of my mail is going who knows where due to our mailperson being unable to tell the difference between XX Tersonia and XX Sunnybanks.
  15. There's some great birds there Where do you find the owners to do trades? - if you dont mind me asking that is. We would dearly love to trade some of ours.
  16. Our flock flew in from the US a couple of days ago and we are thrilled with the finished product. Happy to trade with others too - drop us a PM.
  17. Still waiting by the postbox for our package - its a loooong way to Western Australia - surely cant be long of now. Hmm...... I wonder whether I should have posted a wish list somewhere
  18. Are there any other geocachers in Australia who have ordered the birds? Ours are in the current batch about to hatch and then fledge on over to Western Australia. Cant wait to see them!!
  19. Mission Update Mission #1 1. Participating - Sent 2. Received Name - yes 3. Mission - Completed 4. Package Received - not yet = still eagerly waiting by the letterbox can't be long now
  20. 1. Participating - Email Sent - yes 2. Received Name - yes 3. Mission Complete - yes, what fun!!!! :-) 4. Package Received
  21. Does anyone know what the difference is between the Cacher on Board LE and regular coin is? I purchased a LE direct from maker but looking at the photos on the webpage I cannot see a difference and would probably not know whether they had sent the right one.
  22. Me too! I have bid for several on ebay obviously not bidding high enough though. Unfortunately being in Australia the close of these auctions is in the middle of the night for me I have never particiapated in coin trading yet as I am only just starting to research how to go about it - I am sure I will find heaps of info in the forums though if I just take the time to read through. Anyway, getting to the point. I have a true Australian geocoin still in pack in mint condition if anyone has a looney the would like to trade. email me at ijsepalm at bigpond.net.au
  23. Congratulation Stuey - Glad your TB made it back to its destination - so many never do.
  24. Just tried to access GCA forum and the page has come up all "strange" Across the top it says - Hacked by Tarl What is going on??????
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