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Dwarven Treasure 2011


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My Forge Fire coin came today. Stunning! However, it seems a bit warped. I dont know if this happened in the mail or manufacturing. Are any others like this? It really doesnt bother me so I am keeping it.


The warping occurs during the minting process. The rune side is finished with glass and when it is heated to 800 degrees C in the furnace, it bends a bit. The "Nahhash" and "Secrets of the Night" versions do not have glass on them and thus don't have the slight bend.


There will probably be more mintings and I can imaging that there will be new versions that use traditional epoxy enamel. The advantage of glass is that it is extremely hard, scratch resistant, and resists chemical attacks so it will last nearly forever. The advantage of epoxy enamel is that it can be buffed (stoned) to an extremely level and flat finish, the colors are sometimes brighter, and the coin does not warp in a furnace. Since they each have their advantages and drawbacks, I try to make versions with each type of enamel, but on the whole, I prefer glass.

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Just for the catalogue of my collection, I'd like know the minting numbers if it's possible please.


50 of each edition were made for a total of 200 coins, but these coins have been popular enough that I will likely be minting more in the near future. Right now, none of the editions have been limited in number, but that could change. The only limit so far is that "Secrets of the Night" is only available as part of a set.

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